Descon Demon Deployer

Scratch - Demon Deployer {Scratch}

Contributed by Dave Lee

Manufacturer: Scratch

No, it doesn't deploy demons, just a small satellite. Wondering what to do with the moulded plastic capsule things that come in the Estes Designer Special pack. This is my answer. Add a couple of flip out solar panels and a spot of paint, then build a rocket to get your nice new satellite into orbit (or as close as you can get).

So how to deploy a satellite? Well putting it on/in the nose of a rocket and blowing it off at apogee does the job, and is quite easy to achieve. The trouble with this idea is that it is really too easy, and worse still extremely boring.

OK you've all seen the real thing, the shuttle doors swing slowly open....

Nowhere near as graceful but along the same lines is the Demon Deployer. 2.6" diameter and 30" long, it consists of a 6" booster section and 24" sustainer. The booster is powered by a central D12-0 with three B6-2's mounted in fixed side pods containing the booster recovery chutes. The sustainer powered by a D12-3 deploys a drogue chute from the rear a little before apogee. The drogue pulls out the bay door release pins allowing deployment of the payload followed by the main chute.

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