Descon Micro Maxx Monocopter

Scratch - Micro Maxx Monocopter {Scratch}

Contributed by Art Applewhite

Manufacturer: Scratch
(Contributed - by Art Applewhite)

Stars Stripes Version in PDF format   

Micro Maxx Monocopter Assembly Instructions
1. Mark along the dashed lines with a fine tip, ball point pen. Press down hard to make an indentation to aid folding.
2. Cut out the Wing and fold on the dotted line towards the printed side.
3. Put a small amount of white glue the full length of the wing on the grey shaded area just above the solid line.
4. Fold the paper over until it touches the glue. Make the edge even with the solid line to form a hollow wing shape.
4. Cut out the Beam and fold along the dotted lines.
5. Put a small amount of glue along the narrow glue tab in the grey shaded area and form a triangular tube.
6. Cut out the Balance Beam. Cut out the 2 small triangle shapes in the middle with a kraft knife,
7. Fold the Balance Beam along the dashed lines.
8. Put a small amount of glue along the narrow glue tab in the grey shaded area and form a square tube.
9. Insert the Beam into the trangular hole in the Balance Beam and push it through the other side. It may be a tight fit. Slide the Balance Beam down the Beam until it is 1" from the plain end.
10. Put a small fillet of glue around the joint between the Beam and the Balance Beam.
11. Roll the End Weights into tight coils. Insert one End Weight into each end of the Balance Beam and glue into place.
12. Insert the plain end of the Beam into the Wing until it touches the Balance Beam with the Beam parallel to the leading edge at the thick part of the Wing. Glue into place.
13. Form the Motor Mount into a hollow tube and glue.
14. Glue the Motor Mount to the end of the Beam using the 1/4" X 1/4" tab at the end of the beam. The square tab should be straight and the trangular tabs should curve aroung the bottom of the Motor Mounts.
15. Using a large needle and being careful not to crush the beams make holes for the launch rod thru 2 sides of the Balance Beam where it meets the Wing. Make the holes just large enough for the launch rod wire to move freely. Reinforce the holes with a dab of glue.
16. Make the launch pad by partially straightening out a large paper clip to form a triangular base with 1.25" of the end sticking up.
17. Staple the wire to a piece of wood. Put a 3/4" piece of ink tube over the wire sticking up so that there is about 1/2" of bare wire sticking up for the monocopter to rest on.
18. Insert a Micro Maxx motor into the Motor Mount so that motor sticks out equally on both ends. Secure the motor with a small piece of tape if necessary.
19. Remove the plastic shell from a Micro Maxx Igniter. Insert the thin wire into the motor and hold in place with a piece of sharp toothpick.
20. Use an Estes Electron Beam Controller or similiar to launch the monocopter. Make sure the wires and clips are out of the way of the spinning wing and motor

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