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Delta II Rocket Video (2011-12-31)

High Powered Delta II scale rocket launched on 11/11/11 at ROCstock in Lucerne Dry Lake, California.

High Powered Rocket Side Deployment (2011-06-23)

An example of a side deployment test for a 4" Goblin high-altitude rocket.

Launching my mom's iPod on a rocket (2011-06-20)

I launched my mom's iPod without her knowing and the footage turned out pretty cool. Thanks to Matthew Ramirez and Jenalee Custodio for helping! The rocket itself was a scratch built four inch and flew on a 20 year old F40W Aerotech RMS motor.

Two stage Rocket Onboard Video (2012-02-12)

A two stage rocket launched by Bryan Dierking at Lucerne Dry Lakebed. The video was taken with an iPod Nano.

Viper 3 Airstart Rocket (2011-06-25)

High power rocket launched at Lucerne Dry Lake on July 12, 2008 by Bryan Dierking. The rocket was launched with a I218R to a H128W.

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