Rocketry Videos

By Dmboomboom

3/4 Patriot - 8th Flight.wmv (2011-05-28)
Once again, a perfect flight of my 3/4 scale Patriot. 9th flight will be at Red Glare XII in April of 2012. [View]

3/4 scale Patriot Missile - Red Glare III (2008-05-01)
3/4 Patriot Missile, 310 lbs., rocket flew to 8083'. [View]

Honest John - Red Glare 7 (2009-12-05)
Honest John flying on three (3) Aerotech M1315W's, with four (4) Aerotech G80T's in the nose for "Spin Stabilizers". This video was taken by MDRA member Peter Abresch, one of my flying friends. TURN ... [View]

RG8 April_2010_Dan_Michael_Patriot.wmv (2010-04-25)
7th flight of my 3/4 scale Patriot Missile. Rocket flew on all Aerotech Redline Propellant. One central Aerotech N3300R, surrounded by four (4) M1550R's. Rocket weighed 310lbs. at the pad, and flew ... [View]

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