Squirrel Works - Dogfight Kit

Manufacturer: Squirrel Works
Product Type: Kit
  • Squirrel Works Dogfight By Chan Stevens (December 27, 2008)

    Brief: Squirrel Works has followed up their very popular Red Baron glider with another cool historic-themed glider kit, though this one includes TWO dueling gliders, a Corsair and a Zero. It's a reasonably simple kit to put together and the gliders are minimal effort. So if you're looking for an easy diversion from the basic 3FNC rocket and a serious "wow" factor, grab ...

  • Squirrel Works Dogfight By James Gartrell (October 13, 2008)

    Brief: This newest kit from Squirrel Works is simply awesome! It's a BT-55 kit that comes with two fantastically designed parasite gliders fashioned to resemble the Corsair and Zero WWII fighter planes. The booster also bears resemblance to a WWII bomber, uses 18mm motors and recovers with a big 18" mylar chute. The face card in the kit is another true work of art, a signature ...


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