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Fenix-0 Launch (2011-08-07)

Rocket Model Launch Urbe Airport, Roma Video from on board camera. A little confused by Rocket Roll, but in the "freeze replay" some good photos of Urbe Airport, Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale and surrounding aerea con be seen, especially near the end of the video (when the rocket was slower). At the start of the video students from the Launchers Flight mechanics course can be seen while attending the rocket launch.

G71 Amateur Rocket Launch OnBoard Camera (2011-05-29)

Amateur Rocket Launch 22 May 2011 (video timestamp is wrong) ACME Launch Site Aerotech Sumo model, G71-4R Motor Reload. On Board Camera is a cheap spy cam installed on the aft of the rocket with its suport screwed and glued on the aft centering ring right on the side of the motor.

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