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A Large Rocket Crashes at Springfest (2009-05-12)
Two very large rockets drag race at the Springfest rocket launch. One has a motor failure and dives into the lakebed under power. Jean Dry Lake, Nevada [View]
L780 SpitFire Drag Race (2009-11-16)
Greg Gardner and Patrick McConnell drag race their high power rockets using Loki Research L780 SpitFire rocket motor. [View]
Upscale rocket's The Goblin drag racing Der Red Max (2012-12-01)
Drag race between two Estes classic's upscaled to 4" diameter. Der Red Max flying on a Aerotech I-285 Redline against the Goblin with a CTI J-250 Skidmark. The Redline was slow to light but both ... [View]
O Motor Rocket Drag Race (2006-11-20)
Neil McGilray's and Jerry O'Sullivan's 200lb Nike Smokes drag race on O motors. [View]
Hammerhead and Prangle's Drag Race, Onboard! (2009-09-07)
Small Spy Camera launched in the Hammerhead, a rocket I designed souly for this camera. The Camera weighs less than 3/4 of an ounce, allowing it to be launched by even a C6 motor. This launch was on ... [View]
snow ranch 03142009 0002 (2009-03-15)
LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, March 14, 2009. Gene's L3 launch in 420 fps. Three drag races in 210 fps. [View]
Blue Phenix CATO during a drag race (2010-10-18)
Aerotech J575FJ over pressurized and blew! [View]
Colonial Vipers Drag Race @ CMASS 8-27-11 (2011-08-27)
Colonial Vipers Drag Race @ CMASS 8-27-11 TonyPV and I drag race our Colonial Vipers at CMASS launch 8-27-11. I don't know the rules of a drag race but if landing first is part of it, I won! [View]
Crazy Jim's Drag Race Round II at Southern Thunder 2007 (2007-06-12)
Featuring Andrew Grippo's Rene Rocket on a Loki K350 Moon Burner. Whitney Richard's Research One Rocket on an Animal Motor Works K555 Skidmark. [View]
High Power Rocket Spools (2013-01-13)
2 discarded wire spools drag race on Aerotech H123 White Lightning motors @ MDRA 01-12-13 [View]
Midwest Power 2011 Drag Race (2011-11-01)
12 Ultimate Wildman rockets take off at 2011 Midwest Power, just north of Princeton, IL. Each one is flying a Cesaroni N-5800 motor. There are some photos first, then video in real-time, 1/4 time, ... [View]
N10000 Drag Race (2010-06-18)
N10000 drag race at LDRS29 Pad Cam 3. Gerald Meux's rocket is the blue rocket on the right off screen at start (sorry about that). Altitude 10557ft 1400fps [View]
N10000 drag race at LDRS 29 (2010-06-18)
N10000 drag race at LDRS29 Pad Cam 2. Gerald Meux's rocket is the blue rocket on the right. Altitude 10557ft 1400fps [View]
Noodle Drag Race (2010-12-17)
This was a "race" between Alex's and Roger's "Big Al's Noodle" rockets. First to hit the ground was the criteria. Roger won, by a second. [View]
Red Glare 8 4 N10000 drag race (2010-04-20)
The Drag Race shot with an iPhone [View]
i4553" Punisher Drag race on I455 Vmax at METRA. Person behind me called it "the best drag race ever!". :) Mine was on the left with Dual Deploy and the one on the right was motor deploy...both ... [View]
"Skidmark" Rocket Drag Race at Plaster Blaster (2009-11-08)
20+ rockets ignited at the right time, and it sounded amazing.  [View]
2019 Rocket Launch Fall Shoot - Estes Pro Series Rockets (2019-10-06)
We love shooting off rockets! We tried to have a little competition, but on the first launch, we lost a rocket! Looked all over the desert for it, but it was no where to be found. Still had loads of ... [View]
Amazing O Motor Drag Race (2018-01-02)
MDRA Christmas Drag Race 2017 with 2 AGM-33 Pike rockets flying on O3400 Imax motors with the Higgs Farm rocket in the middle flying on an M6400 Vmax [View]
Arizona Rocketry Ken Sparks 12 scale Patriot Battery K375 (2020-08-02)
Cool Flight of Arizona Rocketry Ken Sparks 1/2 scale Patriot Battery all on K-375 From LDRS 29 DVD [View]
Drag race of 2 Estes Mega Der Red Max Pro Series Rockets (2019-05-19)
Syracuse Rocket Club Launch 5/18/19 Neither of these are mine. The unpainted one was a level 1 certification flight. [View]
January 2013 Two Fools With Two Spools (2014-04-27)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 176 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]
January 2021 Great Spool Drag Race (2021-01-17)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 264 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]
July 2017 Higgs Farm Rocket Drag Race (2017-07-29)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 228 hobby rocket flight.  [View]
K motor drag race, Taupiri New Zealand (2015-05-03)
Drag race between our rocket (centre rocket) on an AT K1275R and Alex Heffers rocket (left) on an AT K456dm and Jack Davies rocket (right) on an AT K375NW. [View]
KenRico WarnerR CErving Dude Dragrace AT F12J RocStock Lucerne Dry Lake, CA (2017-11-13)
Estes Dude Drag Race Aerotech F12J RocStock November 2016 Lucerne Dry Lake, CA [View]
Launching 5,000 Model Rockets To Break World Record (2019-07-16)
The U.S. Space & Rocket Center honored the Rocket City engineers, scientists, and technicians who made the legendary July 16, 1969 launch possible. On Tuesday morning, the U.S. Space & ... [View]
November 2020 Spool Mayhem (2020-11-24)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 262 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]
Other Peoples' Rockets at BALLS 2018 (2018-09-25)
OPR: 1) A high-power drag race of oversized Der Max rockets 2) A P10000 launch, with an O3400 sustainer 3) a 3-stage rocket with 3 N motors and active stabilization and 4) air-starting 4 J motors, ... [View]
PacSci EMC Global Rocket Launch (2019-07-16)
We participated in the Global Rocket Launch today at PacSci EMC with 10 rockets launching (sort of) at once. Congratulations NASA and the 50th anniversary of Saturn V & Apollo 11 mission ... [View]
Patriot Drag Race (2018-07-30)
LOC Precision 7.5" Patriot Drag Race [View]
Record launch of 5,000 Estes rockets at US Space & Rocket Center | AFP (2019-07-16)
5,000 model rockets blast off in an attempt at a Guinness world record for the most rockets launched at once. The record attempt at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is part of ... [View]
Tim Lehr Extreme Wildman M2200 sk, Brad The Rocket Rev Wilson Wilson FX Extreme M2200 sk Drag Race (2020-06-14)
Cool Flight of Tim Lehr Extreme Wildman on an M-2200sk and Brad "The Rocket Rev" Wilson Wilson FX Extreme on an M-2200sk Drag Race From Cool and Really Cool Flights 2 [View]