Rocketry Videos

By drumPhil42

Blue Phoenix Crash (2016-12-07)
Tragic crash of my prized Blue Phoenix high power rocket on its 4th flight, December 3, 2016. A failure of the Aerotech I500 disposable motor's built in thrust ring allowed the motor to shoot up ... [View]

DX3 XL High Power Rocket Test Flight 12-8-18 (2018-12-10)
Phil & Will Hodges flight-test a Level 3 build of a Madcow DX3-XL high power rocket on an Aerotech L1000 motor. Launched December 8, 2018 at Snow Ranch near Farmington, CA with the Livermore ... [View]

Firestorm 54 031018 edited (2018-03-11)
Maiden flight of my Firestorm 54 rocket from Giant Leap Rocketry, on an Aerotech J450 Dark Matter rocket motor. Achieved 7191 ft and landed undamaged, despite a landing speed of 59 ft/sec due to the ... [View]

Flight of the Red Phoenix 2 3 18 (2018-02-05)
Flight of the Red Phoenix on an Aerotech K456 Metalstorm Dark Matter 54mm rocket motor. Altitude 6433ft, top speed around 730mph. Snow Ranch high power launch 2-3-18. [View]

Maiden Flight of the Hyper54 12 8 18 (2018-12-11)
1st flight of my Mac Performance Rocketry Hyper54 high power rocket to 11,290ft at 848mph on an Aerotech K850 rocket motor. This is a minimum diameter 54mm rocket featuring Max-Q Aerospace bolt-on ... [View]

Phil and Will Hodges Firestorm 54 Rocket Flight 04 14 18 (2018-04-15)
2nd flight of the Firestorm 54 on an Aerotech K828 Black Max rocket motor. Max altitude 10,268 ft, max speed 898 mph (Mach 1.17). Filmed at the LUNAR launch event at Snow Ranch on April 14, 2018. [View]

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