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2xG64 Motor Cluster Rocket (with pad view) (2011-05-29)

Here's an extended version, with a view from the pad, and a slow motion at the end. I launched this rocket at a Tripoli MN launch. This was my "practice" high-power rocket, and technically it's still a model rocket, but it's about as powerful as many level 1 high-power rockets. I'm taking this project to the MN State Fair.

Arrow 2 on C6-5 (2011-07-05)

I don't fly quite as much low-power model rockets anymore, but the day was just so nice, and none of my G-motor rockets were ready to go (one is at the MN State Fair), so I launched one of my old rockets that originally was the product of my study on aerodynamic drag, but eventually became so reliable that it's one of my only low-power rockets I have left. Watch it fly to 1000+ feet on a C6-5.

Big Yeller: Largest Amateur Rocket in Minnesota (2011-08-19)

Tripoli MN hosted an experimental launch on 5/24/09 where they attempted to fly the largest amateur rocket ever launched in Minnesota. The rocket weighed in at 180 lbs and was supposed to go to 14000-16000 feet but only made it to about 8000 feet because of some drag on the launch pad at liftoff. But it was a picture perfect launch and a perfect day, and lots of spectators turned up for the event.

Exporter 2000 Cluster Rocket (2011-06-28)

I flew this cluster rocket at Tripoli MN high-power rocket club launch this October. It was supposed to have onboard video, but the acceleration is so great that the batteries disconnect at liftoff. The two motors are G64-10W motors. That's about as powerful as a level 1 high-power rocket!

High-Power Rocket Crash (onboard video) (2011-06-25)

Altocumulonimbus 2 G77-10Rs Unsuccessful cluster ignition Only one motor ignited The rocket was completely destroyed The payload bay was obliterated But the electronics were fine. Altimeter readings: 162 feet 486 feet per second It couldn't tell me the time to apogee.

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Full Scale Test Launch (Onboard Video!) (2012-03-24)

Watch the fantastic footage of our payload's flight! (For best effect, go full screen at 1080p) It was a very windy day (15-19mph), so we were pretty nervous about this flight. Under the circumstances the flight went shockingly well. It weather-cocked some into the wind, lowering the max altitude to 4653 feet. For this flight the Go-Pro was fixed inside of the nose cone and set to record at 1080p. We are very lucky to have put a tracker in the payload, because it recovered almost seven miles from the pad! For more information on our project, visit our website, Or visit my blog for updates on our progress:

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Payload Concept (2012-03-24)

This is a quick animation of three of the events the rocket and payload experience during flight: drogue deployment at 5280 ft, payload deployment at 1000 ft, and parachute separation at 500 ft.

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Subscale Launch (2012-02-20)

This is the small scale launch of our 2011/2012 University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) rocket at Iowa State University. It was rather windy, but the little rocket performed admirably.

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Test Launch Onboard Video (Full HD) (2012-03-24)

The full video our payload's launch and descent. Enjoy! (Windows Live Movie Maker is a terrible, terrible program. You may have noticed that the last video was shrunk down. I fixed that in this video.)

Large Model Rocket Launch (2012-06-29)

Here, the still unnamed rocket built by DTH Rocket Endeavors (a.k.a "me") soars into the sky, and drifts off over the horizon to lodge in a tree a half-mile from the launch pad.

Last Twilight Shuttle Launch -- Spectator View (2011-06-17)

4/5/10 I'm thrilled I actually got to see a Shuttle launch before NASA retires it for good. And it was a great launch, too. Twilight launches are awesome because just before the Shuttle goes you can see the ISS streak across the sky. And then this big glowing ball of, well, spaceship, rises into the air... it was much more dramatic than I thought it would be, because I'd only seen it on videos. This was the last twilight Shuttle launch NASA has scheduled, so enjoy!

Level-2 High-Power Rocketry Certification Fail #2 (2011-07-13)

In which I fail my level 2 high-power rocketry certification for the second time.

Level-2 High-Power Rocketry Certification Fail #3 (2011-08-17)

In which I fail my level-2 certification flight for the 3rd time. You know how people always say "3rd time's the charm!" Well, that's just a bunch of bologna.

NASA's University Student Launch Initiative -- Iowa State University (2011-05-31)

Iowa State University' entry in USLI: Our payload is a Controlled Descent Vehicle (CDV), which was designed to guide itself back to a select point on the field using a sailboat servo to tug on the parachute shroud lines, in the style of a skydiver. The payload was guided by a Trimble GPS. The launch vehicle was powered by a K1100T. The rocket reached an altitude of 3251 feet, and recovered successfully. The payload failed to deploy at the pre-set 2500 foot mark, but deployed at 700 feet with the main parachute. The payload recovered in the right direction but did not have enough altitude to make it back to the target landing zone. It is difficult to determine the success of the design. It was awesome.

Sky Spy: Video From a Rocket (2011-09-22)

This is the first time I've actually gotten my onboard video to work properly! I wanted to start small, so I build this little low powered rocket on an E9 motor. The altitude was lowsy, as you can hear from the altimeter, but the view was still spectacular.

Tripoli MN Launch 10/11/08 (2011-05-29)

A short montage of some of the awesome rockets flown at the Tripoli MN high-power rocket club launch in October. The waiver was for 10000 feet I think, and there were some flights pretty close to that.

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