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2xG64 Motor Cluster Rocket (with pad view) (2008-08-13)
Here's an extended version, with a view from the pad, and a slow motion at the end. I launched this rocket at a Tripoli MN launch. This was my "practice" high-power rocket, and technically it's ... [View]

Adventurous People -- Nick Macomber (2012-07-20)
Nick Macomber flies the Go Fast rocket belt at events and functions all over the world. His passion for Adventure led him to a keen interest in rocket belt technology and someday hopes to design a ... [View]

Andover High School Rocketry (2010-02-13)
We just conducted our first test launch for our entry in the upcoming Team America Rocketry Challenge. It was a fairly successful flight. Our egg was retrieved without being scrambled... even after ... [View]

Beginning Programming with Just BASIC-- Tutorial 9: Character Input (2011-05-22)
In which I demonstrate how to use input from the keyboard to control a character in a video game. [View]

Big Yeller: Largest Amateur Rocket in Minnesota (2009-05-24)
Tripoli MN hosted an experimental launch on 5/24/09 where they attempted to fly the largest amateur rocket ever launched in Minnesota. The rocket weighed in at 180 lbs and was supposed to go to ... [View]

Confusing Rocket Flight (2011-06-15)
This is a video of my unsuccessful level 2 certification flight. Specs: -72 in x 3 in -about 4 lbs -CG at 45 in -CP at 58 in -Cesaroni J285 -15 second delay on J285 for drogue chute -simmed to 5000 ... [View]

Exporter 2000 Cluster Rocket (2008-10-13)
I flew this cluster rocket at Tripoli MN high-power rocket club launch this October. It was supposed to have onboard video, but the acceleration is so great that the batteries disconnect at liftoff. ... [View]

Going Supersonic (2008-08-02)
This is pretty much the fastest model rockets can go. Minimum diameter rocket on a G77-10. Estimated altitude: 4,000 feet. Mach 1.15. You can't help but chuckle as you load the giant G motor into ... [View]

Goodbye, Aerotech Initiator! (2008-06-16)
This is the launch of my Aerotech Initiator, on a really old G40 motor with a 13 second time delay. I found this motor for 5 dollars at a hobby shop... Something tells me it was no ordinary G40. G40s ... [View]

High-Power Rocket Crash (onboard video) (2008-07-12)
Altocumulonimbus 2 G77-10Rs Unsuccessful cluster ignition Only one motor ignited The rocket was completely destroyed The payload bay was obliterated But the electronics were fine. Altimeter ... [View]

High-Power Rocket Ejection Ground Test (2010-08-10)
This is my level-1 high-power certification rocket. I'm hoping everything will go smoothly on launch day, so it's a good thing I did the ground testing. I found out that 2 grams of bp was a bit much ... [View]

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Full Scale Test Launch (Onboard Video!) (2012-03-11)
Watch the fantastic footage of our payload's flight! (For best effect, go full screen at 1080p) It was a very windy day (15-19mph), so we were pretty nervous about this flight. Under the ci ... [View]

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Payload Concept (2012-01-25)
This is a quick animation of three of the events the rocket and payload experience during flight: drogue deployment at 5280 ft, payload deployment at 1000 ft, and parachute separation at 500 ft. [View]

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Test Launch Onboard Video (Full HD) (2012-03-12)
The full video our payload's launch and descent. Enjoy! (Windows Live Movie Maker is a terrible, terrible program. You may have noticed that the last video was shrunk down. I fixed that in this ... [View]

Journey Home - Cloud Painting Process (2017-06-11)
Video of my cloud-painting technique. I still haven't quite been able to achieve the look I'm going for, but I'm getting closer! The one tricky bit about cumulus clouds is the odd phenomenon of the ... [View]

Large Model Rocket Launch (2008-05-06)
Here, the still unnamed rocket built by DTH Rocket Endeavors (a.k.a "me") soars into the sky, and drifts off over the horizon to lodge in a tree a half-mile from the launch pad. [View]

Last Twilight Shuttle Launch -- Spectator View (2010-04-21)
4/5/10 I'm thrilled I actually got to see a Shuttle launch before NASA retires it for good. And it was a great launch, too. Twilight launches are awesome because just before the Shuttle goes you can ... [View]

Lawn Dart... (Literally) (2012-12-02)
Ya... If that was your lawn, sorry... [View]

Model Rocket on G motor (2008-05-01)
This Rocket is currently unnamed, and I am open to suggestions. It was launched at a Tripoli MN launch in October 2007. [View]

Multi-stage Rocket Success! (2009-08-06)
This rocket is for my 4-H aerospace exhibit. It took champion at the county fair, and is now moving on to State! The first attempt for this rocket ended in disaster. I had forgotten to turn on the ... [View]

Sky Spy: Video From a Rocket (2009-04-11)
This is the first time I've actually gotten my onboard video to work properly! I wanted to start small, so I build this little low powered rocket on an E9 motor. The altitude was lowsy, as you can ... [View]

Space Pursuit! Just BASIC Game - Part 11: Making Stars (2013-05-05)
In which I show how to make a background using sprites that will look layered. See part 12 for how to make it scroll with the character's motion. [View]

Tripoli Minnesota July 2010 (2010-07-11)
One of the most AWESOME launches we've had all year. There were several level 3 certification attempts, good weather, lots of rocket flights, and a very good turn out. Come check us out! htt ... [View]

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