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Dual Deployment (2006-10-24)
This is my Koliba Komet launched on an Aerotech I435T motor and was my first attempt for dual deployment. Everything went smooth!! [View]
"Electric Shadow" dual deployment test flight E20-4W (2012-09-28)
After being damaged from a parachute that failed to deploy, I rebuilt my cluster-capable Estes Shadow (formerly known as "Naked Shadow IV") with an electronics bay for dual deployment capability and ... [View]
"Astro Slut" launch with dual deploy (2013-04-14)
This is a pieced together rocket that my friend Jerry constructed. It flew great despite the high wind gusts we were experiencing. It ended up landing half-way into a creek, but fortunately the A/V ... [View]
Dual Deployment - Part 2 (2014-07-10)
In part 2, I complete the creation of pyro charges and demonstrate how to pack a shock cord/parachute. Readying a high powered rocket for dual deployment can be daunting task. Since black powder is ... [View]
Dual Deployment of Parachutes and a Spool Rocket (2009-06-01)
Spool Rocket followed by a Rocket with Dual Deployment of Parachutes. [View]