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 Rocketry Product: Estes - E16 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Bryce Boy Launching the Mammoth Estes Rocket - First Launch, 3/11/17 (2017-03-12)
Bryce chose the Mammoth Estes rocket as one of his gifts for his 10th birthday (2/17/17). Today, though a bit windy, we went forth with the launch. This was a huge step for us, being that formerly, ... [View]
Estes Baby Bertha and Majestic (2019-01-06)
Another fun day flying some rockets, no drone today because the rain was starting to fall. Rockets were a Baby Bertha on B6-4, C6-5 and Majestic on E16-6 #modelrocket #modelrocketry #rocketry ... [View]
Estes Prowler Launch 4 (E16-4) (2018-09-06)
September 2 2018 - Estes Prowler on an E16-4 with on board footage from an 808 Keychain Camera. Jolly Logic Chute release failed - Either I used too large of a rubber band or I jostled it and it ... [View]
Estes Super Big Bertha (0000-00-00)
This is Bernard's new Estes Super Big Bertha, flown during our December launch on an Estes E16-6 black powder motor. This is a very cool rocket if you want to go low and slow at a smaller field with ... [View]
Model Rockets (Slo-Mo and Drone) (2020-05-29)
Hello homies! Here are three launches from Memorial Day weekend. The first was a homemade rocket with a E12-8. The second was also homemade on a D12-0 booster and an E12-8 Second stage. The second ... [View]
Star Orbiter (2018-11-23)
Maiden flight, Estes Star Orbiter E16-6 [View]
Star Orbiter Dual Deploy (2018-11-18)
Estes Star Orbiter dual deploy with a Perfectflite Stratologger CF. Launched with a BP E16-6 and a 400' deploy. Went to 1350' with a deployment altitude of 204'. Need to adjust main deployment to ... [View]