Rocketry Videos

By EeeebeeeE

2011 Onboard Videos (2012-02-02)
Shorter rock & roll version of my onboard videos launched betweeen July 2011 and New Years 2012 - Music by David Bowie (Starman) [View]

Aerotech Arcas Launch (2011-05-15)
First Midpower rocket I launched. Used a G64-7W, and the rocket roared off the pad. Great flight. Event happened right at apogee, and it landed between two huge puddles in a field. No damage...but ... [View]

Crash of the Arcas HV (2012-01-02)
Onboard video of my rocket that failed to deploy the chute, and came in ballistic. It flew on an Aerotech G138 Blue Thunder engine [View]

Estes Maxi Alpha III vs CTI F70 (2015-09-06)
Testament to a great build. A rocket kit designed for low and slow flights pushed to the max with a V-Max motor. [View]

Fin Flutter or Skidmark, Which is Louder (2016-06-03)
My Estes Maxi Alpha III was built to withstand a lot of I give it some. It has flown on motors as strong as F79's. At that speed the flimsy yet strong thin plastic fins flutter so much ... [View]

Flight of a 4" LOC Goblin using an experimental Dual-Deploy Chute Release. (2019-10-22)
Onboard video of my LOC 4" Goblin flying on a CTI J145 Skidmark motor. Rocket flew to 3,576' on a beautiful autumn day and I managed to get stunning HD video of Western NY Fall Foliage. I used a #18 ... [View]

Flight of the Big @$$ Alpha at NSL 2018 (2018-05-29)
My 8x Upscale Estes Alpha done in 1967 Estes Catalog Markings flies on an Aerotech L1040 Dark Matter to 3,851'. [View]

Flight of the Vicious Ventris at NYPower 19 (2015-05-29)
A beefed-up Estes Ventris, capable of flying on H's soars to over 4,900' in Geneseo NY. A unique camera positioning technique provides very nice images during descent. [View]

Full Scale Patriot at NYPower (2016-05-30)
Robert DeHate's full scale, 200-pound Patriot Missile wows the crowd at NYPower. [View]

Gizmo Launch (2012-10-07)
Launch of my 5" Wildman Gizmo on a CtI J360 [View]

LDRS 31 (2012-07-15)
Ground level video of my Nuke Pro Maxx with a CTI J530. Was not able to keep up with it when it shredded. Onboard flight of my Defender with a CTI J 210. Great aerial view of the parking lot and also ... [View]

Level 2 Certification Launch (2011-05-15)
A high school senior project. The rocket is 6" in diameter and about 12' long or so. It ended up near the SUNY Geneseo campus, and at last report, they were still trying to recover the nose cone ... [View]

Level 3 Certification Flight...Rufus Rocket (2016-05-30)
Rocketry Warehouse Terminator kit, painted in Ohio University colors: Cesaroni M1101 Motor. Apogee Recorded at 7,897 feet AGL. Top speed: 518 MPH. Flown at NYPower 20, Geneseo NY. [View]

Level One Certification Flight (2011-05-15)
Successful launch and recovery. Dennis has already passed his level 2 exam, so I imagine that the level 2 flight will happen soon. [View]

LOC EZ I-65 Flying on a CTI J-145 Longburn Skidmark (2015-09-06)
What's better than a Sparky? A Longburn Sparky, of course. Ground level and onboard HD video of my My EZ I-65 flying to approx. 3,500' in Geneseo, NY. [View]

Mad Cow Fiberglass Arcas Machbusting Launch (2016-04-24)
My 2.6" diameter Mad Cow Arcas flying on a Cesaroni J 530. Flew to nearly 9,000'. Unfortunately the apogee charge failed to separate the rocket. When the main charge fired the Kevlar shock cord ... [View]

MARS 10-8-11 Launch ... Humans and their Rockets (2011-10-10)
Last Launch of 2011 for our club. It was on a bright and sunny day, and the wind was almost completely calm. Resulted in several high altitude flights. Here is a compilation, set to DEVO's "Human ... [View]

NY Power Blue V2 Onboard Video (2011-07-26)
LOC Canadian Arrow (lengthened V2) powered by a Cesaroni H-223 Redline with an 8-second delay. The rocket suffered minor damage on a launch two days earlier which warped the boat tail and the fin ... [View]

NYPower 16 (2011-07-29)
A weekend full of rocket launches at NYPower 16, held July 22-24, 2011. Music is from Trans Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's Last Night - A Last Illusion [View]

NYPower 17 - Day 1 (2013-07-27)
Various ground-level launches from Western NY's top NAR event. [View]

NYPower 18 (2014-05-30)
Collection of launches over Memorial Day Weekend in Geneseo, NY [View]

NYPower 19 (2015-05-27)
Western New York's premiere NAR event. Thi year's edition was held on Memorial Day Weekend 2015. Lots of rockets from 1/2A's to M's. These are some of the highlights. [View]

NYPower 21 (2017-05-30)
Slow motion rocket flights from NYPower 21. [View]

NYPower Aerotech Mustang Launch (2011-07-25)
A small Aerotech Mustang fitted with a Cesaroni H-87 engine with a 9-sec. delay. Estimated altitude according to is 3,051 feet although it may have gone a little higher because the ... [View]

Onboard Videos of Mid and High Power Rocket Launches (2012-01-28)
Cast of: an Estes D-Squared, an Aerotech Mustang, an Aerotech HV Arcas, and a LOC Canadian Arrow flying on E through I engines made by Estes, Aerotech, and Cesaroni. Rockets and Beethoven. A great ... [View]

Onboard View from the Defender at LDRS 31 (2012-07-22)
Full Launch to landing of my scratch-built 1950's-inspired rocket, the Defender. Powered by a Cesaroni J-210. Nice aerial view of the event as well as Canandaigua Lake off in the distance. She was ... [View]

Overpowered Aerotech Mustang with a Cesaroni H-163 White Lightning (2011-09-11)
Coming real close to Mach 1, this rocket flew possibly 4,000 feet up. It flew off the pad like a bullet at an estimated 675 MPH. I should add that there was very little change from the kit ... [View]

Plasma Probe 112417 (2017-11-25)
3x Upscale Estes Plasma Probe. 54mm motor tube, 4" diameter booster section, 3" diameter payload bay. Flies on small J's through medium-sized K's. This flight took place at the URRG Black Friday ... [View]

Punk Rocket NYPower 19 (2015-05-25)
Launched at NYPower this weekend, the Punk Rocket blasts off past Mach 1 and flies to 7,782' at NYPower on a perfectly cloudless day. Visibility was unlimited, and I finally captured a glimpse of ... [View]

Ventris Flight in Upstate NY (2015-04-26)
Estes Ventris flying on an Aerotech H182 Single Use motor. P-Nut altimeter, Beeline Tracker, and HD Wing Cam onboard. Flight took place at the URRG April 25 launch in Potter, NY [View]

Wildman Gizmo on a CTI K454 Near Mach 1 (2013-05-12)
Huge motor in a little rocket sent this thing upwards of 5,800' and possibly past Mach 1. Great flight. [View]

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