North Coast Rocketry - Eliminator Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 40.36 inches
Designer: Matt Steele
Manufacturer: North Coast Rocketry
Model: K-45
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1987-
Status: Out-Of-Production
  • North Coast Rocketry Eliminator (Mod) By Gary Sinclair (December 1, 2010)

    Kevlar sock reinforcement, payload bay created, fully slotted body tube for external fin can assembly. Modified to take Aerotech 29mm reloads up to an I200.   Modifications: The list of modifications for this kit included: (1) Created an 11.8" payload bay out of the original long body tube. (2) Airframe has been reinforced using a Giant Leap Kevlar Sock with West Systems ...

  • North Coast Rocketry - Eliminator {Kit} (K-45) [1987-] By Nick Hills

    (by Paul Gray - 07/01/02) Background The Eliminator is NCR's highest flying rocket. It gains a lot of altitude for its size, making it one of the most popular mid power rockets in the model rocketry world. The rocket itself has been made by North Coast Rocketry for many years. However, the design was improved and new features were added when North Coast Rocketry was bought by Estes. ...

  • North Coast Rocketry - Eliminator {Kit} (K-45) [1987-] By Nick Hills

    Brief: This is a simple 3 fin and a nose cone rocket. It is straight forward and easy to build. It would make a fairly good first mid-power rocket. Construction: Upon opening the box everything looked to be in good shape, but when I laid the plywood fins down on a table, I noticed that they were warped. So they were put under a few hundred pounds of pellet bags for a few days and they ...

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