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2 Stage with camera (2011-07-13)

This is the second flight of my custom designed 2 stage model rocket. The main stage rocket has an onboard ignition system that is powered by a 3.8v-160mA lipo battery and is triggered by a micro-switch. This rocket uses a bt-80 estes tube. The booster stage has an D12-0 and the main stage employes a D12-5 both estes black powder rocket motors. The camera is the standard 808 Key Chain camera which just hangs off the side. Thanks for watching.

BT 60 2 stage model rocket (2011-06-04)

This is a two stage rocket that has some interesting features such as a side chute ejection and micro switch activation of main stage motor. This is estes powered d12-0 first stage and e9-4 main stage. The chute did not deploy for the booster stage (my fault, I did not put wadding in for baffle pistons). The main stage worked as designed but had a hard spin once the motor kicked on. I am thinking this is because of the camera not being flush mounted. The flight was satisfactory and the recovery of the mainstage was complete.

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