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How to Assemble a Model Rocket Launch Pad (2011-06-16)

This is the launch pad that comes with Estes model rocket kits. Easy to assemble. you just need sandpaper.

How to make the Estes Amazon Model Rocket (2011-06-26)

A look at the Plastic model rocket by Estes called the "Amazon". It's an easy to make rocket that is 36 inches tall and comes in the Tandem X Kit.

Model Rocket Launch and Assembly (2011-06-17)

A video of the launch of an Estes Alpha model rocket. I also show you the assembly of it. This is a nice little rocket that goes up to 1200 feet up. And it is easy to build - great for beginners. More model rocket stuff on my website:

Rocket launch and assembly - Big Bertha (2011-08-31)

I show you the launch and assembly of the Estes Big Bertha rocket. This is a good introduction to the hobby of model rocketry. It is a very big rocket (Biggest skill level 1 that estes makes. It is easy to build and launch.

Unboxing the Video Rocket (Oracle) (2011-07-29)

This a look at the Estes rocket with a video camera mounted in it. Does 30 seconds of video as it launches. I will be doing videos of the launch and footage. Then will be using the camera in other projects like my RC airplane and my Dragonslayer. Lots of fun projects, rockets, and more on my website:

Video Rocket Launch footage (oracle rocket) (2011-05-29)

The oracle rocket has an onboard video camera. You can see video right from the rocket as it goes up and comes back down. Pretty neat. I have also included footage with a camera showing the launch and return of the rocket.

Video Rocket Raw Launch Footage (2011-07-31)

Raw footage for two launches with an onboard camera. This is the oracle rocket which has a video camera mounted in the nose cone. This is just the raw footage that came out of the camera. First launch was good but a parachute cord broke and the descent footage is a difficult spiral. The Second launch is better after repairing the chute. More Rocket stuff on my website:

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