Rocketry Videos

By Eric Davis

Estes Mean Machine Model Rocket Launch Reno Nevada TRA club 5/17/2015 (2014-05-17)
First time launch with the TRA club and the first launch of my Red White and Blue Mean machine.....great day till the winds got stupid! [View]

Estes Oracle Model Rocket Fail, Parachute blew off from shockcord (2014-03-17)
Took me about two hours to fnd this rocket in the desert because it just keep going after the parachute violently seperated. Video failed from hard hit on impact! [View]

Estes Viking model rocket launch #2, educational rocket flight (2014-04-05)
2nd flight with a C7-6....lost it in the clouds, but at the last moment we saw it before it hit the ground. Built by my neeighbor Shelby and she was almost sad thinking that she lost here rocket. [View]

Fail Estes The Dude model rocket launch with F-39 (2015-01-25)
This rocket normally takes a D12-3, it folded in half and blew of the panels from two fins. Too much power inflatable rocket. Was fun! [View]

Fail! Estes Pro Series II "Golden Retriever" model rocket launch G-125-8 motor (2014-07-13)
This rocket shot up so fast the "inside pressure" was higher then "outside pressure" causing the nosecone to slide out. This caused a violent parachute failure and ripped the shock cord out. Then a ... [View]

Mean Machine 6 1/2 Foot Tall Model Rocket Launch Flight 2 with no Fail! E engine used (2014-02-23)
The second flight of this rocket. The first flight, no video, the shock chord became united or broke off the nose cone. Nose cone and parachute caught a updraft by the mountain and was never found. ... [View]

Model Rocket launch Little Pinky Pie J350 motor, Reno Nevada TRA 5/17/2014 fail lost no recovered (2014-05-17)
This isn't my rocket but the Clubs President, I was happy to see this rocket launch, sad that we never say it after the launch! High winds and upper atmosphere haze. We looked for about 1-2 hour ... [View]

Model rocket launch, homemade Little Big Jimmy with no fails! (2014-05-18)
This rocket had a trouble past, several dirt missles in a row, cut the rocket inhalf. Thebody tube is pretty thick and heavy for its size. The onboard camera I don't think recorded. Cheap spy camera ... [View]

Reno TRA 7/19/2014 Estes Nike Smoke model rocket launch (2014-07-23)
not my rocket, parachute opened at the last secon prior to hitting the ground [View]

Reno TRA 7/19/2014 Shadow F20 and Estes viking named "Bomber" almost hit each other (2014-07-23)
1:15 into video you see the tiny red parachute of the Shadow and the "Bomber" scream fast it missing it by only a couple of feet [View]

ROCKONN 3/20/2015 Estes Majestic model rocket launch on a E motor (2015-03-28)
Our club guest (level 2) for SC bought this just so he fly something with US [View]

ROCKONN 3/20/215 Estes Majestic model rocket launch on F motor (2015-03-28)
This was given to our young flyer Shelby by our club guest from SC. This is now the largest rocket in here collection and she is super happy girl. [View]

ROCKONN Rocket Club 5/31/2014 Estes Pro Series II "Jail Break" model Rocket camera (2014-06-01)
Launch is about 3 minutes into video. Final launch of the day for the club. G80 motor....Also will post the ground view of take off of this launch. End of a super great day on the playa! Worth the ... [View]

ROCKONN Rocket Club 5/31/2014 high powered model rocket launch Fail (2014-06-01)
Felt bad for this dude, rocket burned up on the pad, I overheard him later saying he forgot to put the motor into its metal case. [View]

Tomahawk Model Rocket Launch 11, Recovery system FAILURE, Rocket body lost! (2014-02-20)
Nosecone and parachute sperated from rocket body. Nosecone/parachute recovered but could not locate body. Bright white 3 foot long you think would be easy to find in the desert. Maybe we will find it ... [View]

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