Estes - Astron Spaceman Kit

Manufacturer: Estes
Product Type: Kit
  • Estes - Astron Spaceman {Kit} By Bill Eichelberger (September 14, 2015)

    Several years back, EMRR had a NASCAR themed contest.  Slapping a bunch of sponsors decals on a rocket seemed too easy, and I've never been one known for my creative flair.  I had been a Richard Petty fan since the age of 9, so deciding on the subject was easy, but I wanted something with a bit more pizazz than a Petty Blue Estes Big Bertha.  Everybody has seen the Astron ...

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  • Astron Spaceman (Clone) By Herb Estus

    This is a Clone of this OOP kit.  We call it the Rocket Boy, I would consider this a level 3 kit since you have to cut out all your balsa pieces, We where looking for something different and found this plan on JimZ website   The kit called for the following parts: body Tube BT-60J Engine holder tube BT-20J Launch Lug LL-1b Balsa stock BFS-20 Pattern Sheet SP-1 ...

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