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Estes Cineroc Prep and Flight (2008-06-13)
This movie was produced by Estes as a means to promote the Cineroc movie camera rocket payload. The film was shot on 8mm movie film (no sound) and could be purchased from the Estes catalogs from the ... [View]
Model Rocketry - The Last Frontier (Part Two) (2008-05-26)
Oh, no! The horror continues in a most Shatneresque fashion as Gold Chain Bill launches a model rocket assault on the Klingon Empire! Let's just hope that Bill's check cleared. Be sure to view Part ... [View]
"Model Rocketry - The Last Frontier" (Part One) (2008-05-26)
Two things I love dearly - "Star Trek" and model rocketry - are mercilessly savaged in this tragic gem from the mid-1970's. Please note that this is part one, so please be sure to view part two. [View]
Enter the exciting world of Estes Rockets (2012-09-05)
Estes model rocket kits come in all sizes, shapes, colors and skill levels. You can be out at the launch pad in minutes with Ready to Fly (RTF) rockets or spend many enjoyable hours building and ... [View]
NARCON 2011 (2012-11-20)
Video footage from NARCON in 2011 of a panel discussion given by three other former and current Estes designers. [View]