Estes - Airwalker {Kit} (7261)

Contributed by Rokkit

Diameter: 1.10 inches
Length: 21.70 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Provided by: Rokkit Scientists

[Picture]Great starter rocket for the rookie rocketeer or our younger rocketeers. Being part of the starter set series, the Airwalker is an easy rocket to assemble. 

The Airwalker is purchased in a starter set (which includes cobra engines and supplies for your first 3 flights plus launch pad). The price is pretty reasonable (around $30.00) , when you consider it comes with all you need to start launching. I like its Color scheme. The body is chrome colored and the fin's are bright red. It looks pretty awesome when fully assembled. 

It has a sleek rocket styling and a clear cargo bay. The cargo bay add stuff to send into space. The kids like to send up their little action figures. 

Specifications: Length: 50.8cm (20"), Dia: 27.7mm(1.1"), Weight: 57g(2oz) 
Engines: A8-3 (first Flight), B4-4, B6-4, B8-5, C5-3, C6-5 


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