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Estes Alpha III Model Rocket Launch Set - 1427

By Zachary Fisher

Estes Alpha III Model Rocket Launch Set

Received kit on 06/09/2018. Completed assembly on 06/09/2018. Build time: ~1.5 hr.

This is my first ever model rocket. It was given to me as a birthday present.

I plan on using A8-3 engines for the first launches, then moving up to B engines. Space is limited, so anything more than a B will have to be a special occasion.

The Alpha III is a beginner model rocket kit. The 1427 part includes a launch stand and controller. The rocket BT is painted black, it includes a 3 fin pre-assembled plastic fin unit and a plastic nosecone. All plastic parts, as well as secondary colors and decals, are orange. The model includes a 12 inch parachute with orange accents.

Construction was very easy, as is expected from an E2X kit. All parts fit together on the first try with no modifications except one decal. This decal wrapped around the lower part of the BT, where the launch lug is attached. Due to the launch lug being attached there, the decal had to be trimmed to fit around the launch lug. This was a minor issue and was readily fixed with a few slices from a hobby knife. The only equipment used was a hobby knife and wood glue.

The launch pad is the Porta-Pad II Rocket Launch Pad from Estes. All pieces fit together easily. Build was straight forward. No tools at all are required. The launch rod is three pieces and required sanding around the unions to ensure smoothness. The hub can swivel 30 degrees and uses a wing nut to secure the angle as well as the rod. The included rod is 1/8", and the hub has a second hole that can accommodate a 3/16" rod, which is not included. All parts are red plastic. The rod is metal.

The launch controller is the Electron Beam Model Rocket Launch Controller. All pieces were present, including 17 ft of cable. 4 AA batteries were required, not included.

Assembly is complete. I look forward to my first launch in the near future.

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