By Marcus B


Diameter:1.6400 inches
Length:28.6000 inches
Skill Level:5

Here is my 2nd build in about 20 years! Just got back into building models and why not try a level 5! Just finished my Mercury Redstone (level 3) and the CONQUEST was on sale for 10 $ bucks! The build was relitivly strait forward and with a few recerences to Jim  Hodge's page for some insight and tips i decided to go with a unique paint job. I loved chrome spray paint as a kid and wanted a shiny aluminum looking finish like an atlas rocket or B-52 Statafortress . I used a metallic silver paint to show off the wings and air intakes and it looks amazing! I put down about 3 coats of white primer and sanded with 220 grit and 400. ( There are still a few minor imperfections in the balsa but I didn't want to make it to nice because I want to launch it next weekend. I beveled the wingtips more to make it look more sinister. Hopefully it won't affect the trajectory to much....