By James Parsons


Years ago, I bought an Eggspress, but wasn't able to finish it when someone stepped on it accidentally (smashed the tube, cracked the nosecone).  Not all that long ago, I had an opportunity to get a secondhand nosecone, I had an extra BT-56 body tube, and an unpainted scrap 2" OD body tube from a messed up 1/35 scale Mercury Redstone and decided to clone the kit.  I'm using plans (from which included the fin templates.  

Estes Eggspress

Estes Eggspress (No. 1996)

I've often found that payload rockets, like this, tended to be a tad underpowered for my tastes.  So, I opted to build this as an "E" powered model.  You can always use an adapter to bring a rocket down in power, but after it's built, it's a lot harder to adapt one to use a more powerful engine.  Before making the modification, I created a simulation in Open Rocket (which created the attached image) to verify that it would be stable.

Building the clone otherwise was straightforward.  Besides the different motor mount, the only other non-standard changes was papering the fins, and using  3/16" launch lugs.  I've used BSI's Epoxy for the fillets.  At this time, the only assembly remaining is to attach the shock cord.  Paint will have to wait until the weather improves.  Replicas of  the decals were purchased from Excelsior Rocketry.

I've since managed to acquire the other version of this same rocket (Estes Scrambler (No. 2072)) in kit form.  I plan on building that one the same as this one, complete with "E" engine capabilities.