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Estes - AstroVision {Kit}

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Estes Astrovision

Estes Astrovision is a RTF digital video / camera rocket that downloads to a Windows based computer. Sold with a standard Estes launch pad and launcher. Video mode is 320x240 and camera mode is 640x480.

1 RTF Digital Rocket Camera. Also comes with standard Estes launch pad and launcher.

You need a small Phillips head screwdriver to open the battery compartment to add three small button cells. Rocket comes with 6 cells.

No finishing required. RTF rocket comes with preprinted body tube.

Construction Rating: 3 out of 5

Estes Astrovision

Launched three times, 2 times in video mode and once in camera mode. All three flights were on a C6-5. The two video flights the rocket spun making a dizzy view of the ground. On the camera flight, it took 4 photos. 1 still sitting on the pad, 1 from altitude, 1 of the parachute coming out, and 1 of just blue sky.

To fly, you turn on the camera. Once you push the start button on the camera, a LED flashes for 15 seconds then goes out. The LED is bright enough to be seen from a safe distant from the pad. The camera starts running 3 seconds after the LED stops flashing. Start you count down from 5 when the LED stops flashing.

This rocket used a rubber band shock cord that was attached to the launch lug mount. It held up to the three flights with no wear. It could have been a tad bit longer.

I didn't use the parachute that came with the rocket. It comes with a low quality China made chute that has the cheap parachute lines that break way to easy. I used a nylon chute that comes with the Estes Oracle. That chute also comes with the Liquidator.

Chute size is just about right to land without damage and too much drift.

Flight Rating: 3 out of 5

Easy and fairly inexpensive (goes for about $50 on discount) way of getting aerial digital photos and videos. Doesn't require large motors, so you get more launch opportunities on smaller fields.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

    Flight Log

    DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
    2007-10-07Bruce Canino's Estes AstroVisionC6-5- Video Mode
    2007-10-07Bruce Canino's Estes AstroVisionC6-5- Camera Mode
    2007-10-07Bruce Canino's Estes AstroVisionC6-5- Launch in video mode
    2007-12-15Joy Sills's Estes AstroVisionC6-5- Added 12 Nylon Chute
    2007-12-15Joy Sills's Estes AstroVisionC6-5-
    2008-04-28Natalie Orosco's Estes AstroVisionB4-4- Another great flight.
    2008-04-28Natalie Orosco's Estes AstroVisionB4-4- Good flight.
    2008-04-28Natalie Orosco's Estes AstroVisionB4-4- Great flight.
    2008-04-28Natalie Orosco's Estes AstroVisionB6-4- Good flight on this motor.
    2008-04-28Natalie Orosco's Estes AstroVisionB6-4- Another good flight caught some good video on this flight.
    2008-04-28Natalie Orosco's Estes AstroVisionB6-4- Good flight.
    2008-07-28Chris Halinaty's Estes AstroVisionB6-4- Video mode.
    2015-07-04Chris Halinaty's Estes AstroVisionB6-4- Photo of launch area and deployed chute.


    A.H. (January 10, 2008)

    If the rocket was simple to construct and recovery was perfect . I do not understand the low scores in those categorys. In Fact there were no bad points about the rocket mentioned in the review at all. were there reasons for the lower scores that can be passed on to someone who may want to purchase one?

    B.P. (March 6, 2008)

    I think the reason behind the low construction scores nay come from the fact that there wasn't much of a build at all. I was impressed at the price tag compared to the Oracle.

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