By Preston Hoover



Estes Loadstar 2 Stage Payloader #1760

          This is the third time I have built the Estes Loadstar #1760.  My other two sustainers flew away out of sight.  The motor blew out the back of  one and the other the booster stuck just long enough to set the rocket on its side and it went horizontal on a C6-3.  Since all I had were two boosters and no sustainers I was on a mission to find another rocket. I had to get another rocket!!  You know what I mean.  I searched high and low for a new kit to no avail.  I put a call out for one on Ye Old Rocjketry Forum and a fellow submariner/racketeer sent me one for postage.  How nice is that.  Thanks When looking for it with a search engine, ensure you type in the 1760 number after the name.   If you do not, you will get the RTF model, in your search results.


          As the name implies the Loadstar is a two stage payload type rocket.  With a BT-60 clear plastic payload section, and BT-50 main body tube and booster, the rocket is very sleek looking.  The build was fun and fairly easy.  The kit is ratted skill level two. 


          The Build

          The instructions for the kit are straight forward and well illustrated.  This makes the kit an easy starter for anyone who wants to build a two stage rocket.  As with any kit ensure you read all the instructions and check all the parts before assembly.  Also dry fit your parts prior to using glue. 


          The first steps are building the booster section.  From the motor mount to the fin placement it took me two hours.  I assembled the motor mount and let it dry.  While the glue dried, I prepped the fins by sanding them with 220 grit paper.  I then sealed them with Elmer’s wood filler diluted to a thick runny consistency.  I set the fins aside to dry.  When the motor mount was dry, it was mounted in the booster body tube, so the engine tube is flush with the end of the booster body tube. 

Booster looking from aft to forward.

Next you measure the tube coupler and glue it to the forward end of the booster assembly.


          I moved on to assembling the sustainer stage while the booster dried.  The motor mount assembly for the second stage is different than the booster so make sure you read the instructions.

  Sustainer drying.



 After the sustainer dried I attached the launch lugs and assembled the parachute and shock cord.


  The Loadstar Pre Finish.