Estes Nova Payloader

Estes - Nova Payloader {Kit} (1960) [2001-2004]

Contributed by Doyle Tatum

Manufacturer: Estes

[Picture]Notes: I built this model for club contest and left it unpainted (I used magic markers instead) for that reason.

I followed the instructions except for the following comments and suggestions:

Step 1. Added Kevlar Cord to engine mount, that reaches to the top of the body tube.

Step 2. No Change.

Step 3. Used five-minute epoxy to connect fin pieces. When dry, I filled cracks with Elmers Fill'n'Finish and sanded smooth.

Step 4. I used the Rocket Builders Marking Guide EST-2227 to mark the fins.

Step 5. I weighted the Kevlar cord to help it drop down the tube.

Step 6. I took my hobby knife and made a little hole every 1/8" along the fin lines on the body tube. Next I pressed five-minute epoxy into the holes and the fin root edge. This should make a nice epoxy rivet to hold the fins on. I used the slot in the marking guide ruler to hold the fins square as they dried.

Step 7. I used five-minute epoxy to hold the launch lug down.

Stepw 8 & 9. Did not use shock cord mount. Tied shock cord to end of Kevlar cord (not the Estes supplied one, but some elastic from a cloth store).

Step 10. I used Thick CA to make the fin and launch lug fillets. I used thin CA to seal the fins (Wear a mask, gloves and goggles!)

Step 11 & 12. Worked carefully on clear payload so not to get glue everywhere.

Painting - Used magic markers.

Finished-Model appearance - Tail section black, upper body red, payload coupler and nose left unpainted (white)

Flight - Flew perfectly, would have had a chance placing in the Quadrathon contest, I entered it in, if the snap swivel had not came un-done - letting the body separate from the payload section. Found both pieces - no damage.

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