Manufacturer: Estes

 Estes Astron Phantom

The Estes Astron Phantom was produced between 1973-1996. This particular rocket was never meant to fly. Instead is was created as a display and demonstration model, showing the inside of a typical model rocket.

This kit came with the usual parts and also the following special parts:

  • 1 clear plastic body tube
  • 1 clear plastic fins and fin can
  • 1 clear plastic nose cone
  • 1 self-adhesive paper sheet
  • 1 split adapter ring
  • 1 engine casing half
  • 1 modled engine face

PROs: As always the instructions provided by Estes are easy to follow and in a logical order.

CONs: The molded engine face is made out of a very soft plastic and my Testor's plastic cement softened the material in a couple of places. It wasn't enough to destroy it, but if I had used any more plastic cement, I could have really done some real damage to the molded engine face.

The only finishing involves painting the engine face brown, black, and orange. Other than that, no finishing was required.

Construction Rating: 4 out of 5

This model is for display only and was not created to fly.

This is a great display rocket that can be used to show anyone interested the insides of a typical model rocket. It also can be used to teach a new rocketeer how to correctly insert wadding and pack and insert a parachute.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Estes Astron Phantom
Estes Astron Phantom Estes Astron Phantom
Estes Astron Phantom Estes Astron Phantom


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