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Estes Strato Blaster R/C Plane

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Published:2009-03-09 05:22:17

The Estes Strato Blaster is a very rare plane Created by Estes. Yes the same manufacture that makes your park flying model rockets! In fact this was intended to fly by 3 different options of propultion. it can be propelled by hand as a glider, By a .049 Cox gas engine, or by a D-engine Rocket and glide desent. i chose neither of those but instead chose to use an e-flite park 400-size brushless electric motor! This kit was purchased about 10 years ago and has sat in the attic about 9 1/2 of those years. finally chose to finish it and fly it! It's a fast flier but flies great!!! Not 100% finished with the flames on the wing tips but soon will be. Like i said this is a RARE Plane, anyone who may be interested in purchasing it can certainly make an offer. i have seen the KIT ONLY recently go for $200 on EBAY!!! That should say something about it! :) Thanks for watching!!!

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