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Estes Taser Twin

By James nightengale

Estes - Taser Twin {Kit} (3201) [2010-]

This is my first 2 stage rocket build along with my first time doing a build thread. So any tips are welcome and appreciated. My brother got me back into rocketry so I thank him for that. It is starting to become a family thing for us, we had our first ever rocket competition over thanksgiving, the whole family got involved and it was fun.

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Unpackaging the kit (2016-12-02 21:07:35)

The first step is to unpackaged the kit, and to make sure all of the parts are there and they are ok. The booster tube is a little bent but I can work with it, I believe this happened when it was shipped to the store.

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Step 1 (2016-12-02 21:24:05)

The first step is to sand the fins and round the leading edges. I skipped this step at first because the fins done get glued on until step 5. I glued the engine block into the booster tube. Make sure the engine block is even with the booster tube, I used 5 mintue epoxy to glue them together. I will use epoxy for the whole build, I have better luck with it than another glue.

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Step 2 (2016-12-02 22:21:50)

In this step you glue the coupler to the upper stage. To do this you mark the couple 1/2" from the end and than what I did is took some 320 gret sandpaper and roughed up the end I was going to glue. This way the epoxy has something to stick to and make a better bond.

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Step 3 (2016-12-02 22:40:50)

This step is just glueing the upper stage to the body tube, what I did is I sanded the other side of the coupler again with 320 sandpaper and then I mixed up some epoxy and applied it to the inside of the body tube. Than I slide the coupler into the body tube and have it a turn to make sure it was fully seated and to spread the epoxy everywhere inside there.

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Step 4 (2016-12-03 15:57:46)

In this step you cut out the tube marking guide that's on page 2. Use this guide to mark the locations of the fins on the booster stage and in the upper stage. After i made the marks I took the guide off and then I used a straight edge metal ruler to make the lines. You can use a door frame to do this but I find it easier to use a straight edge to do this. 

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Step 5 (2016-12-03 23:34:24)

Step 5 is marking the lower stage 1/4" from the end of the tube, the side where the engine block is. Than sand the fins smooth and than cut them out. After they are cut out put the 3 fins together to make them even and sand the ends, then round the leading edge of the fins. After the fins have been shaped and sanded you will glue them on. The bottom edge of the fins will be placed at the 1/4" mark. I find it easier to use 5 minute epoxy and mix it up and let it sit for 2-3 minutes and then stir it again and than apply a thin coat onto the fin and then position it on the tube. This way you aren't having to hold it for a while for the epoxy to set up. Do this for all 3 fins.

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Step 6 (2016-12-09 23:07:16)

Step 6 is just a continuation of step 5 only this will be for the upper stage fins. Sand them smooth and than round the leading edges, as I did this I realized that the fins leading edges had 3 angles to them which I think is neat. So once they are all rounded glue them on I used epoxy again, and did the same thing I did in step 5. The only difference is these fins will be glued even to the end of the body tube.

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Step 7 (2016-12-10 02:07:00)

This step isn't required but I like to do it with all of my rockets. I added fillets to the fins for the booster and upper stage. What I did is taped off the area where the fillet will be so I wouldn't get epoxy all over the rest of the rocket. It is kind of a pain to pull off the tape once the epoxy is cured but it does make for a cleaner fillet. Than I decided how big of a fillet I wanted and than proceeded to make the fillets.

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Step 8 (2016-12-10 02:12:11)

In this step you put the nose cone together. What I did was sanded the inside of the nose cone with 320 grit sandpaper just to help give the epoxy something to stick too. Than I applied epoxy to the inside of the nose cone and put the nose cone insert in. I also had to sand the nose cone down a little bit to make it fit how I wanted it to. 

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Step 9 (2016-12-10 20:14:23)

In this step I cut out the shock cord templet out of page 2 and glue the shock cord to it, I used white glue to glue it together since it's paper. Once it is dried than you glue it inside of the body tube 1 inch from the top, I used epoxy to glue it to the body tube.I also glued the launch lug onto the upper stage. The instructions said to glue it right next to the fin but I decided to glue it in the middle of 2 fins. I used epoxy to glue it in place. 


James nightengale (December 18, 2016)

I am going to go with a gloss red and there is no centering rings. The motors are friction fit.

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-untitled- (2016-12-19 20:11:31)

Now it is ready for some primer and paint, but it is far to cold outside to paint so I will see you guys this spring to get it primed and painted. Thank you to everyone who has joined me in this build.

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