Semroc - Excalibur Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 22.23 inches
Decals: Waterslide
Diameter: 0.91 inches
Fin Material: Paper/Fiberboard/Cardstock
Fin Span: 5.20 inches
Main Body Tube: ST-8
Main Nose Cone: BC-730
Manufacturer: Semroc
Model: KV-43
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Balsa
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Recommended Motors: A8-3, B6-4, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 1
Status: In-Production
Style: Sport
Tags: Family:Estes:Starship Excalibur
Weight: 1.30 ounces

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  • Semroc Excalibur By Chan Stevens (January 21, 2011)

    This is a retro-repro of the 1972 Centuri model of the same name which was later introduced as a two-stage version called the Excalibur 2. Semroc's version holds close to the original, featuring Centuri-sized tubing, but replaces the plastic nose cone with a balsa one and upgrades the fins to laser-cut precision (fiberboard).  Components Balsa nose cone Series 7 ...

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