Binder Design - Excel 38mm Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 40.81 inches
Manufacturer: Binder Design
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Family:Binder Design:Excel
  • Binder Design Excel (38mm) By Leigh Metzroth (January 4, 2010)

    A 3FNC single-stage rocket with an 11" payload section, a 38mm motor mount, and a 30-inch parachute. Modifications: This kit comes with two body tubes (23", 11"), 38mm motor mount tube, tube coupler, aircraft plywood bulkhead, pre-cut aircraft plywood fins, two centering rings (mine came with the older style masonite rings, however the newer kits come with aircraft plywood), nosecone, ...

  • Binder Design Excel By Jonathan Carter

    Built with 54mm mount and 38mm adapter. 24" payload tube and Binder Avionics bay added and used for dual deployment. Stock 10" payload tube with bulkheads added to provide method of adding forward weight. Modifications: This rocket was used for my level 1 Cert flight and will be used without modification for my level 2 cert flight. It flew perfectly on a Loki Research I405 to 1633 ft. It ...

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