Excelsior Rocketry - Der Fat Max Plan

Manufacturer: Excelsior Rocketry
Product Type: Plan
  • Excelsior Rocketry - Der Fat Max {Plan} By Bill Eichelberger (August 1, 2013)

    I always loved the versatility of the Estes Fat Boy, and over the years I bought quite a few of them for different projects, most of them of the Goony persuasion.  When a fellow club member decide to move away from low power and offered one for sale from his stash, I jumped at the chance to pick it up with this project in mind.  Under normal circumstances all of the Fat Boy ...

  • Excelsior Rocketry - Der Fat Max {Plan} By Ron Wirth (September 1, 2009)

    Brief: The Der Fat Max is another Goony Retro-Bash plan set from Excelsior Rocketry. While it might not be the typical size of a Goony, it sure looks and feels Goony to me. As with the other Goony Retro-Bash rockets available from Excelsior, this is a kit-bash where you get receive the plan set, decals, and fin pattern. For this rocket you need to supply a Fat Boy kit and balsa for ...


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