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Apogee Aspire on F26J (2011-11-06)
My Aspire again, my first rocket, on an Aerotech F26J. I fiberglassed the fins on, other than that stock build. [View]
Estes Pro Series 2 Argent Launch F Motor (F26-6FJ) (2013-11-21)
What's up Everybody? Thanks for Watching! Still on my quest to find the perfect rocket in this video I manage to launch and film the Estes Pro Series 2 "Argent" rocket and let me tell you guys this ... [View]
Estes Pro Series II Leviathan on an F-26-FJ Motor, Maiden Flight (2015-01-10)
Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society (TRA) host their monthly launch, with invited guests Southern Kern Aeronautics and Rocketry Club (SKAR) This is the maiden flight of the Estes Pro Series II ... [View]
Estes Star Orbiter model rocket with an onboard video camera. (2019-11-18)
Max altitude was 1876 ft on an Aerotech F26-6FJ motor. You can hear ground control readying other rockets for launch and around apogee you can hear (I think) the altimeter tapping the inside of the ... [View]
The Kerbal Screamer - Estes Patriot on a F26- 6FJ (2014-04-27)
So we started with an Estes kit, which flies pretty well with a C6-5. I've got another video on here where we put in a D10 composite motor and that thing screamed. So if C's are cool, D are awesome, ... [View]