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Launching the "Merric"! (2010-11-05)
This rocket ran on an Aerotech F42-4T engine! [View]
Mega Der Pink Max flight (2013-02-02)
Campbell's Mega Der Pink Max rocket flew at the Austin Area Rocketry Group launch held at Hutto, Texas on February 2, 2013. The rocket was built from the Estes Mega Der Red Max kit and modified with ... [View]
F42-8T Rocket Filmed by Quadcopter [Solar Flare II S] (2013-11-28)
This has been the most successful launch of MVR except for Eclipse. I put a F42-8T engine in the rocket for fuel. The engine burned for only 1.3 seconds! I don't know how high it went because my ... [View]
Trajector-F42 Blue Thunder (2020-08-08)
My Trajector flying on an F42 Blue Thunder for the last flight of the day at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020. She flew to an altitude of 1194 feet at a speed of 239mph (maybe). Despite ... [View]