Estes - Fat Boy Kit

Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 1273, 2139
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1997-2005
Status: Out-Of-Production
  • Estes Fat Boy By Jon Revelle

    Brief: This is a fun little stubby rocket that used to be manufactured by Estes. 2005 was its last year of production. Construction: The Fat Boy is a fairly simple to build rocket that comes in a bag with: BT-80 Body Tube PNC80 (Round type) Nose Cone Sheet of Balsa Wood with pre-cut fins 18mm Size Motor Mount materials Decals Shock Cord (short, as usual) ...

  • Estes Fat Boy By Nick Esselman

    Then there's THE Fat Boy . Maybe not the original, but Estes is the one that trademarked the name. This is the third 2.6" sport kit that I have reviewed for comparison sake. The Fat Boy is the shortest of the kits reviewed, being only 12.9" tall and weighing 3 ounces. See my 2.6" Stubby Rocket Comparison Page The kit comes with an 8" single body tube and 3.875" plastic nose cone (the ...

  • Estes Fat Boy By Eric Miller

    I received a Estes Fat Boy as a Christmas gift from my wife Lisa. The Fat Boy is an Estes Beta (Beginner) series rocket. This kit was packaged in plastic with a cardboard picture of the rocket. It probably cost around $15.00. All the parts were included and none were damaged. I think Estes has some of the best instructions on the market (I like pictures). The kit contains a plastic nose cone, ...

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