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"T. Rex" rocket flight /L-1800 motor/ (2011-11-19)

Flight of 18kg. , 3m.tall rocket "T.Rex" with 3600N.s "L" motor. Propellant "Dragon-F" flame. Altitude - ~1000m.

Big sugar rocket motor O-11K (2011-05-29)

Static test of big amateur rocket motor using KNO3-Isomalt propellant. Class O-11000,grains 8pcs uninhibited.

CHERRY 2010 final edited version of the launch (2011-06-28)

Edited version of the CHERRY 2010 flight, including ground video, onboard video and pics.

Delta Heavy-2 rocket flight (2011-11-19)

5kg rocket with J550 motor and "Dragon-F" flame propellant

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