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 Rocketry Product: Giant Leap Rocketry - Firestorm-54 {Kit}

The 25th flight of "Shaken, Not Stirred" (2010-06-01)
This was the 25th flight of "Shaken, Not Stirred". The flight took place during MDRA's Eastern Shore Launch (ESL) 144 at the Central Sod Farm. The rocket is a Firestorm 54 kit from Giant Leap ... [View]
Dave M2250 (2014-04-19)
The boost of Dave Popkin's Firestorm on a CTI M2250. [View]
Phil and Will Hodges Firestorm 54 Rocket Flight 04 14 18 (2018-04-15)
2nd flight of the Firestorm 54 on an Aerotech K828 Black Max rocket motor. Max altitude 10,268 ft, max speed 898 mph (Mach 1.17). Filmed at the LUNAR launch event at Snow Ranch on April 14, 2018. [View]