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By flyfalcons

Alex's High Power Rocketry Level 1 cert flight (2016-06-02)
This is Alex's Level 1 certification flight at the FITS 2016 launch in Mansfield, WA. He flew a Binder Design Thug on an H135 motor for a successful certification! Congratulations, Alex! [View]

Anatomy of a High Power Rocket 1: Wildman Drago 4XL Unboxing (2018-03-20)
The first in a short series of videos on building a high power rocket, we take a look at the kit contents of my latest project: a Wildman Rocketry Drago 4XL. [View]

Anatomy of a High Power Rocket 2: Motor Mount Assembly (2018-04-18)
Construction of the Drago starts with the motor mount and recovery harness attachment. I was originally going to do a single video for the entire booster section, but really, no one wants to listen ... [View]

Anatomy of a High Power Rocket 5: Painting the Drago (2018-05-14)
All of the airframe components on the Drago have been glued, screwed, and trued. Time to add some pigment and vinyl on the Wildman Drago 4XL. [View]

Anatomy of a High Power Rocket 6: Avionics and Recovery Gear (2018-05-28)
Finishing up the build of the Wildman Drago, the avionics are installed, recovery gear is attached, and ejection charges are tested. [View]

Angry Daddy! Estes Big Daddy on a 54mm J315R (2019-12-17)
It has been some time since my last rocket video and I apologize for that. My preferred video editing software decided it no longer likes my camera's file format, and has given me fits while trying ... [View]

Big Rockets - Small Field (2017-02-27)
I like flying rockets of all sizes, including heavier designs that fly well on G and H motors. Unfortunately, it's a several hour drive to a field where I can get the most out of them. My local club ... [View]

Dan's Huge Upscale Dragonfly Rocket launch Oregon Rocketry OROC (2016-09-18)
This is Dan's giant upscale Dragonfly rocket, flying on an Aerotech L850W. Flown in Sheridan, OR at OROC's "Fillible's Folly" event on 9/17/16. Video doesn't do justice to the sound heard when that ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry RC Rocket Glider flights (2019-06-25)
Here are some flight vids of a few of the offerings from Dynasoar Rocketry, all flown by the incomparable Frank Burke. Dynasoar Rocketry sells kits for lightweight Radio control rocket gliders that ... [View]

Estes backyard flying (2015-06-01)
Flying several Estes rockets in the horse pastures, including a Fletcher, vintage Surveyor, and Hi-Flier. Watch the Fletcher eat dirt when the parachute doesn't open. It's already fixed and ready for ... [View]

Estes D Region Tomahawk D12-3 vs E20-7W (2015-09-14)
Popping my composite motor cherry! I love my Estes D-Region Tomahawk, but it's a bit of a dog with the recommended D12 motor. So after the first flight, I rebuilt the motor retainer to accept an ... [View]

Estes D-Region Tomahawk Rocket onboard cam (2017-02-12)
I finally strapped my old trusty 808 Keychain Camera to my Estes D-Region Tomahawk, which has been a favorite of mine for a while now. This rocket typically gets about 1,000' on the E20-7W motor, and ... [View]

Estes Honest John maiden #7240 D12-5 (2016-01-13)
Maiden flight of my new Estes Honest John, kit #7240. This is a great kit that is fun to build, although the fins will give you quite a challenge in sanding the diamond shape into them. I bought some ... [View]

Estes Mercury Redstone Flight 2 (2015-08-17)
Second flight on my Mercury Redstone, 2015 edition. Perfect boost and even after landing in a gravel parking lot, there was no damage at all. I'm really liking this rocket! It looks great and is ... [View]

Estes Pro Series Jayhawk launch D12-3 (2015-07-16)
Here is my original Estes Pro Series Jayhawk flying at a local meet on a D12-3. After sitting for over 15 years, I'm very happy with how this flight went. This is probably my favorite flight from ... [View]

Estes PSII Nike Smoke flights on Aerotech G64-7W (2016-07-10)
Flying my Estes PSII Nike Smoke rocket at Fire In The Sky 2016, Mansfield, WA. Both flights were perfect on Aerotech G64-7W motors, which use the 29/40-120 reloadable case. Jolly Logic Chute Release ... [View]

Estes PSII Scion to Patriot Maiden Flight F40-7W (2016-04-19)
This is my first Mid-Power rocket project: An Estes Scion modified into a sport scale Patriot Missile. The Scion includes the fins and nose cone from the Leviathan, so the conversion can be done from ... [View]

Estes Saturn V #2001 on a D12-3 heart stopper! (2015-07-13)
This is my 20 yuear old Estes Saturn V, kit version #2001. I really love this rocket but as you can see, it's a bit much for a D12-3. Even in calm winds it's a little scary to fly. Next time I'll try ... [View]

Fire In The Sky High Power Rocket Launch 2016 (2018-07-01)
Some footage from Fire In The Sky 2016, held in Mansfield, WA. This was my first time at FITS and I had a lot of fun! My wife and daughter came with me, so I didn't get as much footage as in my ... [View]

Fire In The Sky High Power Rocket Launch 2018 Part 2 (2018-06-14)
The second half of my FITS 2018 footage picks up at Saturday evening, and goes through Sunday. I got a grand total of 232 launches over the weekend, or more accurately, 232 times the launch button ... [View]

Fire In The Sky High Power Rocket Launch FITS 2017 (2017-06-10)
The Washington Aerospace Club hosted their annual Fire In The Sky launch over Memorial Day weekend in Mansfield, WA. The weather for FITS this year was perfect, with light wind, reasonable ... [View]

Head-End Dual Deploy setup with Wildman Punisher 3 (2020-04-18)
Head-End Dual Deploy is a method to use dual deployment while keeping a rocket design compact. Here's how I set up my Punisher 3 for HEDD. [View]

Madcow Mini Frenzy on an Aerotech H210R (2017-08-25)
This is my Madcow Rocketry Fiberglass Mini Frenzy, taking a ride atop an Aerotech H210 Redline motor. The motor sits in the Aerotech 29/240 case, has a one-second burn time, and maxes out at 62 ... [View]

Madcow Rocketry Mini Frenzy Charge Testing (2017-04-23)
Testing the separation charges for going dual deploy with my Madcow Mini Frenzy. I figured the avbay on this was too small to hook my shop vac up to, so I simply ran the e-match wires out and ... [View]

Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf Maiden Launch I284W (2017-05-16)
Maiden flight of my Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf, on an Aerotech I284W motor at the Tri-Cities Rocketeers field near Pasco, WA. The rocket was built stock and weighs 6 pounds without motor. This was the ... [View]

More Model Rocket Crashes, Close Calls, and CATOs (2019-04-03)
I never expected my previous rocket crash video to get the response and views that it did; thank you! Here is the crash compilation from the launches I attended in 2018.  [View]

OROC Fillible's Folly High Power Rocket Launch 9-16-16 (2016-09-22)
I had the pleasure of spending the weekend flying with Oregon Rocketry at their Fillible's Folly launch in Sheridan, OR. I was only able to be there on Friday and Saturday but I had a great time ... [View]

Patriot Rocket High Power Level 1 Cert Flight (2016-06-01)
Certification attempt for NAR High Power Rocketry Level 1, using my Estes Scion kitbashed into a Patriot Missile. Aerotech H128W motor, Jolly Logic Chute Release. At Washington Aerospace Club's Fire ... [View]

Polecat Aerospace Black Brant III L2 Certification Attempt (2017-05-18)
Since getting my NAR Level 1 High Power Rocketry certification last year, I have been working on a rocket to attempt my Level 2 certification with. The rocket I chose was the Polecat Aerospace Black ... [View]

Polecat Black Brant III Main Charge Testing RRC3 (2017-04-04)
I came home from my trip to find the grass had grown quite a bit. Perfect opportunity to test the main parachute charge on the Polecat Black Brant III before mowing the lawn. 1.3G of 4F black power ... [View]

Scratch-Built Mini Black Brant II Maiden Flight B6-4 (2016-02-16)
This is my scratch-built Black Brant II, designed for 18mm motors. I took measurements off my larger, out of production Estes Black Brant II (D-engine powered) to come up with this 73% downscale. I ... [View]

Sixty Acres Park Model Rocket Launch 7/4/18 (2018-07-11)
A little informal rocket launch was held at Sixty Acres Park in Redmond, WA, on the 4th of July 2018. A little breeze but overall good weather, great company, and some enjoyable flying. Here are 40 ... [View]

Tri Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh Launch 2018 (2018-06-22)
Launching rockets with the Tri-Cities Rocketeers out of Pasco, Washington. This was their Father's Day weekend launch, known as June Swoosh. It was a bit of a tough launch this year, as we battled ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers high power rocket launch 2-20-16 (2016-03-02)
I paid a visit to the Tri-Cities Rocketeers at the Sod Farm flying site in Pasco, WA for my first high-power rocket event! A wide range of rockets flew from A through K power and all were recovered ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers high power rocket launch 5-13-17 (2017-05-21)
It was a beautiful day to fly with the Tri-Cities Rocketeers! Turnout was a bit light this month, perhaps a combination of the windy forecast and a couple big regional launches coming up soon, but ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh launch 2017 (2017-06-28)
The Tri-Cities Rocketeers hosted their annual June Swoosh multi-day launch on June 16-18, 2017. Windy weather on Friday prevented much flying, but Saturday and Sunday brought beautiful weather with ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh Launch 2019 Part 1 (2019-06-16)
Tri-Cities Rocketeers/Tripoli Southeast Washington kicked off the summer with another great multi-day launch! This is the flying from Friday and Saturday. While we saw threatening skies on Friday, ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh launch 2019 Part 2 (2019-06-18)
Sunday's flying at Tri-Cities Rocketeers/Tripoli Southeast Washington's June Swoosh event. Sunday had the best weather of the weekend and we saw many great flights, including long-burn motors, ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers September 2017 High Power Launch (2017-09-23)
Here's a compilation of the Tri-Cities Rocketeers launch in September 2017, held from 9/8/17 through 9/10/17. I was there on Saturday and Sunday, and as always the TCR club put on a fantastic ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers Sod Blaster 2019 Launch Part 3 Saturday Afternoon (2020-02-06)
Afternoon and evening flying at the Sod Blaster 2019 launch. Saturday wrapped up the Big Daddy Stress Test competition (watch for a later video featuring just the Big Daddy contest), and included ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers Sod Blaster Launch 2018 Part 1 Friday (2018-09-12)
This is the first official day of flying at Tri-Cities Rocketeers / Tripoli Southeast Washington's inaugural Sod Blaster event! This will be an event held over Labor Day weekend, Friday-Monday. I was ... [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers Sod Blaster Launch 2018 Part 3 Sunday (2018-09-22)
Sunday's flying at the inaugural Sod Blaster launch, held August 31st through September 3rd, 2018. This concludes my filming at the event, as I was unable to attend on Monday. This launch was ... [View]

Upscale Estes Solar Warrior maiden launch J350W (2017-09-12)
Maiden flight of my scratchbuilt upscale Estes Solar Warrior. Construction was with Madcow 4" cardboard tubing, fiberglass nose cone, Madcow avbay, and Midwest 1/4" plywood sourced from Tower ... [View]

Wildman Punisher Sport on an H165R at OROC (2016-09-22)
This is my awesome Wildman Punisher Sport fiberglass rocket, flying on an Aerotech H165R motor in the 29/180 case. Open Rocket predicted the altitude at just over 2,600 feet on this motor. A Jolly ... [View]

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