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Black Max Lawndart.AVI (2012-09-19)

This rocket was built from pieces of an Estes Amazon in a starter kit, based around a BT56 tube and with balsa fins scaled down from a Der Red Max template. This launch was B6-0 with B6-4 sustainer. The wind picked up from still to about 10 miles per hour during the launch window, and I launced into the wind. Apparently too much into the wind, as the rocket heaved over and lawn darted.

Corona Without Booster.AVI (2011-12-01)

Fliskits Corona, without booster, on an Estes C6-3. Some coning seen.

Der Blue Max (2011-11-04)

Der Blue Max downscale to BT56 of basic Der Red Max. Launched on a B4-4. Streamer recovery. The high spin that happened during descent resulted in a torn fin/body tube joint on landing. Wood glue repair.

Der Green Max Aerotech D21 4T (2011-12-26)
Failed Cluster Launch: Big Red Max and 3x B6-4 engines (2012-06-29)

First attempt at a cluster launch. 3 Estes B6-4 engines ignited by Quest Q2G2 ignitors. All three ignitors fired (via Estes launch controller) but only one engine caught. Next time, crowd will be kept farther back!

Goodbye mini BBZ Onboard.avi (2011-12-26)

Onboard video from a BT-50 based Blue Bird Zero downscale. This flight ended in the treetops. The rocket and camera were lost for nearly four months until found today. Memory card was retrieved from the camera unharmed by exposure, and here is the first snippet of video from it, out of an hour of video on the card. The flight was on a Quest D5-6 engine.

Hot Needle of Inquiry First Flight on D12-3 (2011-08-31)
Magician D12 5 Ground (2011-10-13)
Mini HoJo Skywriting (2011-12-26)
MVI_4221.AVI (2011-11-05)

Scratch build of my own design I call "Triple A" because I designed it to eat up A8-3 engines from the Estes Blast Off Flight Pack three at a time. This was its first launch; no damage upon recovery despite a rapid descent. Some charring of the joints between fins/body tube right at the bottom of the body tube. No problem. Ignition was with Quest Q2G2 ignitors and a modified Estes controller. I'll have to try it on some B6 engines next...

MVI_4668.AVI (2011-08-31)
MVI_5157.AVI (2011-12-26)

Patriot on a C6-3. Nice flight

MVI_5160.AVI (2011-12-26)

Final flight of small Blue Bird Zero. Chaotic flight due to crimped body tube likely failure plus weight of keycam. Landed in unrecoverable area of thick trees.

MVI_5352.AVI (2011-10-05)
MVI_5448.AVI (2011-10-22)

Second attempt with the 12V system. I accidentally fired it prematurely--momentary contact, but all 4 ignitors fired. Not captured on this video, I later fired the same ignitors again, with more pyrogen burning off. So, A: the system works great to get power to the ignitors--no worries about clusters. and B: WATCH OUT! That fire button is trigger happy.

Mystic First Flight.AVI (2011-09-16)
Photon Distruptor Aerotech D10 5W (2011-12-26)
Praetor (2011-06-17)

Fliskits Praetor with minor modifications going up... and down! on a B6-4. Three of the four fins broke off in the crash landing due to insufficient time for the chute to deploy fully.

Screaming Mimi (2011-11-04)

Screaming Mimi on a D12-5. Shock cord attachment (kevlar) broke during descent, shortly after successful parachute deployment. Probably should have used a D12-3; probably the rocket was heading down too fast when the charge blew. No damage to the main unit surprisingly, and the nosecone landed within a few hundred feed of the pad. She will fly again soon. Main disappointment was: No screaming!

Starship Vega 2.mp4 (2012-06-10)

Clone of Estes Starship Vega on an Estes B6-4 engine

Super Alpha 2C6 Cluster (2011-12-26)
Super Alpha 2xB6 4 Ground (2011-10-13)
Super Alpha 2xB6-4.avi (2011-10-13)
Vagabond 3xC6 5 Ground (2011-10-13)
Vagabond 3xC6-5.avi (2011-10-13)
Vagabond Aerotech E15 4W and gone (2011-12-26)
Vagabond Core Sample (2011-09-16)
Vagabond Crash Onboard Video.avi (2011-09-16)
Vigilante Onboard trimmed (2014-01-17)

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