Rocketry Videos

By Frankenvideo1

Black Max Lawndart.AVI (2010-08-18)
This rocket was built from pieces of an Estes Amazon in a starter kit, based around a BT56 tube and with balsa fins scaled down from a Der Red Max template. This launch was B6-0 with B6-4 sustainer. ... [View]

Corona Without Booster.AVI (2011-11-24)
Fliskits Corona, without booster, on an Estes C6-3. Some coning seen. [View]

Der Blue Max (2010-11-06)
Der Blue Max downscale to BT56 of basic Der Red Max. Launched on a B4-4. Streamer recovery. The high spin that happened during descent resulted in a torn fin/body tube joint on landing. Wood glue ... [View]

Failed Cluster Launch: Big Red Max and 3x B6-4 engines (2010-09-05)
First attempt at a cluster launch. 3 Estes B6-4 engines ignited by Quest Q2G2 ignitors. All three ignitors fired (via Estes launch controller) but only one engine caught. Next time, crowd will be ... [View]

Goblin C65 Edit.AVI (2011-07-03)
Estes Goblin clone launched on a C6-5 (Estes) [View]

Goodbye mini BBZ Onboard.avi (2011-12-03)
Onboard video from a BT-50 based Blue Bird Zero downscale. This flight ended in the treetops. The rocket and camera were lost for nearly four months until found today. Memory card was retrieved from ... [View]

MVI_5352.AVI (2011-09-24)
Estes Vagabond on D12-3. Nice flight. Chute opened late. Safe landing, no damage. [View]

MVI_5448.AVI (2011-10-17)
Second attempt with the 12V system. I accidentally fired it prematurely--momentary contact, but all 4 ignitors fired. Not captured on this video, I later fired the same ignitors again, with more ... [View]

Praetor (2010-11-21)
Fliskits Praetor with minor modifications going up... and down! on a B6-4. Three of the four fins broke off in the crash landing due to insufficient time for the chute to deploy fully. [View]

Screaming Mimi (2010-11-06)
Screaming Mimi on a D12-5. Shock cord attachment (kevlar) broke during descent, shortly after successful parachute deployment. Probably should have used a D12-3; probably the rocket was heading down ... [View]

Starship Vega 2.mp4 (2012-05-06)
Clone of Estes Starship Vega on an Estes B6-4 engine [View]

Super Alpha 2xB6-4.avi (2011-10-09)
Estes Super Alpha modded for dual 18 mm flown using two B6-4 engines. [View]

Vagabond Crash Onboard Video.avi (2011-09-09)
Estes Vagabond onboard video with Estes D12-3. Chute failed to come out of the nose cone. Baffle in body tube not down far enough so I opened up the NC and store the laundry in there. [View]

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