Quest - Full Moon Kit

Manufacturer: Quest
Product Type: Kit
  • Quest Full Moon By Bill Eichelberger (April 5, 2015)

    Picked up as an afterthought back in the days when Quest products were still available in local retail outlets, the Full Moon languished in my kit storage cabinet for several years before catching my eye one cold winter night when I was in the mood to build something quick.  The Full Moon seems to me to be the Quest version of the Baby Bertha, a kit that I've got a long and loving ...

  • Quest Full Moon By Chan Stevens

    A miniaturized version of the Big Betty, this little guy is a quick, easy build and reliable flyer. The parts list includes: Plastic nose cone BT-60 (equiv.) body tube 3 Laser-cut balsa fins Centering rings 18mm motor tube Metal motor hook Thrust ring 14" plastic chute Kevlar ® /elastic shock cords 1/8" launch lug Peel n stick decal This was ...

  • Quest Full Moon By Stan Horowitz

    This is a fine sport flier! It has a nice size body tube that lets you load up the parachute with ease! Every thing in the kit was in good condition in the package. The die-cut balsa fins are of good quality and a fine grain. The plastic nose cone is like most Quest/Estes types & takes paint well. I like the Quest way of mounting the shock cord with Kevlar string to the motor mount (better ...

  • Quest Full Moon By Chan Stevens

    For those that have followed the site for a while, you know that I enjoy "stubby" rockets (rockets with 10:1 length:width ration or less). I have built and flown a lot of "stubby" rockets. Here is a comparison of 2.6" versions , and 3" versions , and 4" versions . The Quest Full Moon™ is also a "stubby" rocket standing ...

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