Fwd Wood Dowel #WD-2 (!Discrepency! Cut To1/2" See Comments) (In

Earl measured the supplied wooden dowel in his kit as 1" long. However, The instructions state:

A 5/8" long piece of the
WD-2A Dowel is glued to a 5/8"
long piece of launch lug, then
assembly is glued in place.
This proceedure is repeated for
the front lug.

After the unit has been glued
in place and is dry, cut front
lug at an angle as shown.

This could imply that the intact WD-2A Dowel is 1.25" long, or longer. However, in the instructions, the photograph of the dowel is clearly much shorter than the 1.25" long LL-2A launch lug. Due to this discrepency, I decided shorten the standoffs and launch lugs to .5" long. The exact placements of the launch lug assemblies are not specified, but from the dotted lines in the drawings from the instructions, the rear LL looks to be flush with the back of the body tube, whereas the forward LL looks to be slightly back from the leading edge.
Diameter (Inner): 0.00 inches
Diameter (Outer): 0.06 inches
Length: 0.50 inches