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AGM 256 Pitbull CTI G125 RL (2014-01-12)
Launch of a PML AGM 256 Pitbull on a CTI G125 Red Lightning motor at Jimboomba on 12 Jan 2014 [View]
Estes Optima 3" upscale launch on a CTI G125-RL Onboard Cam (2017-06-15)
This was a windy day, but not too much to fly. Still nice flight though. Altitude at apogee was around 1000ft. I had a Jolly Logic Chute Release aboard set for 400ft. This holds the chute closed ... [View]
Fail! Estes Pro Series II "Golden Retriever" model rocket launch G-125-8 motor (2014-07-13)
This rocket shot up so fast the "inside pressure" was higher then "outside pressure" causing the nosecone to slide out. This caused a violent parachute failure and ripped the shock cord out. Then a ... [View]
lil gobbo (2012-05-15)
Spring Thunder OROC Brothers Oregon Madcow Lil Goblin on CTI Pro29 3grain G125 to 2411ft [View]