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Barracuda launch #2 (2010-04-18)
Aerotech Barracuda on a G76-7G engine, launched 4/18/2010, at SARA's April launch. I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 feet. I have no idea why it spins so badly -- I think I'll put ... [View]
Big Pink II on G76-5 at LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch Mar 3, 2012 (2012-03-05)
March 2012 LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch: This is my tube fin rocket "Big Pink II" going up on an Aerotech G76-5. Yes, I had to drill out the delay to accommodate the extra weight of this big beast. ... [View]
Der Red Magg G-76-4G (2012-03-25)
532ft Apogee 81mph Top Speed 1.4s Burn time 14.7g Peak Acceleration 2.8g Avg Acceleration 3.2s Coast to Apogee -----s Apogee to Ejection 490ft Ejection Altitude 11mph Descent speed 24.6s Flight ... [View]
mini magg (2011-09-09)
Minni Magg on a G76G4 motor. [View]
Saucer rocket 29mm (2011-01-27)
Home made saucer rocket on an Aerotech G 76 motor. [View]
Slipstream (2011-01-09)
My scratchbuilt Slipstream on an Aerotech D76 Mojave Green reload at Snow Ranch. [View]
4" SA-14 Archer XL first flight (2017-12-10)
The huge Archer XL takes its first flight, flying on a Aerotech G76-4G RMS. This video does not do the sound justice. [View]
Apogee Zephyr (2020-06-03)
Zephyr rocket launch on an Aerotech 29mm RMS G76-7G [View]
Cambridge Rocket Club launch - Saturn V on a G76 (2018-01-06)
Nearly perfect launch of a huge Apogee Saturn V model rocket with the Cambridge Rocket Club, summer 2017. The green propellant motor was hard to light and took a few tries. This time it went. The ... [View]
Cool Spool - Launch (2014-09-14)
LOC Cool Spool on AeroTech G76G. [View]
LOC Cool Spool on a G76-4G at SPAAR, 8-1-2020 (2020-08-02)
This is a flying spool! The LOC Cool Spool on an Aerotech G76-4G at SPAAR's Halifax field on 8-1-2020. [View]
Pad Cam - Logacy / G76G @ CATO (2017-09-19)
Using a Go Pro to look down as a model rocket leaves the rail. This is a LOC Legacy on a G76G by Aerotech. slow Mo video so it sounds kind of funny. You can actually hear the motor trying to come up ... [View]