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CRMRC Aerotech Sumo August 17th 2011 (2011-09-18)
CRMRC Launch in St. Albans, VT August 17th 2011. Aerotech Sumo on a G77-4R. Maiden Flight! Nicely done except I rotated the camera for a portrait orientation which is not appropriate for video! Live ... [View]
Minimum diameter rocket on a G79W (2011-09-20)
Flown at Uroc's September sport launch [View]
Estes Executioner XL Aero Tech G77 Redline (2015-06-03)
Kit bashed Estes Executioner. 5 feet tall flown on an Aero Tech G77-7R. Knight Mfg Camera Tripod Launch Pad. 11-28-14. [View]
Going Supersonic (2008-08-02)
This is pretty much the fastest model rockets can go. Minimum diameter rocket on a G77-10. Estimated altitude: 4,000 feet. Mach 1.15. You can't help but chuckle as you load the giant G motor into ... [View]
Majestic, G77 Redline (2018-08-28)
My Estes Majestic flying on a G77 Redline at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on August 25, 2018. According to the Jolly Logic Altimeter Two, the rocket flew at 507 mph to an altitude of 2627 feet [View]
Night launch onboard video - Punisher Sport on G77-7 Redline (2016-11-08)
At Midwest Power 14 in Princeton, IL, 5 November 2016. My rocket. [View]
Rocket Launches 8-21-10 (2010-08-22)
Two rocket launches from the LUNAR launch at Moffett Field, CA on August 21, 2010. Launches: Estes Executioner on an Aerotech E15-4W engine Aerotech G-Force on an Aerotech G77-4R engine [View]
Rocket motor G with onboard camera (2017-11-02)
Project Space Dream with Nuke Rocket and G77-10 R motor To my friends and my son Hero's Theme par Twin Musicom est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution (https://cre ... [View]