Rocketry Videos

By garytrooper1

BALLS 24 - 2015 High Power Model Rocket Launch (2015-09-28)
Here are a very few of the events that took place during the awesome BALLS 24 luanch. Fun was had by all! [View]

Rockets 11 - Introduction to high powered model rockets (2013-05-09)
This was an awesome day at the model rocket club's launch site. This was our first time at an event like this. The model rocket club helped us jump into the compostie rocket motor level. At great ... [View]

Rockets 14 - High Power Model Rocket Launch - 10/26/13 (2013-11-02)
Tripoli Idaho High Power Model Rocket Club Launch 10/26/13 [View]

Successful Three Stage Estes Rocket Launch (2013-03-22)
Two two stage Mongoose Estes rockets where modified to make one three stage rocket. The first launch attempt was successful in firing all three stages but the rocket was never recover except for the ... [View]

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