Rocketry Videos

By George

"Born in the USA" tribute rocket, AeroTech 38/1320 J510W (2018-04-24)
~1400' AGL 22.3 lbs with motor AeroTech 38/1320 J510W I don't own the music, just a tribute video! [View]

AMW FiberMax (Der Red Max) AeroTech K456 DM to 4,710' AGL (2018-08-05)
4,710' AGL 442 mph AMW kit has been upgraded with nomex honeycomb fin skins and a foamed fin can to handle big J and K motors. Class 2 launch under FAA CoA and NOTAM. [View]

AMW FiberMax - AeroTech K550W (2018-09-02)
Dual RRC3 altimeters reporting 6,078' AGL and 525 mph NCR launch @ Pawnee NG [View]

Blue Angels DX3 Rocket - AeroTech 38/1320 J510W - 6,507' AGL (2019-07-02)
6-30-19 Tripoli Colorado launch at Hartsel, CO 540 mph 15,273' MSL [View]

Blue Angels DX3 Rocket - AeroTech J825R to 5,045' AGL (2019-05-27)
Hartsel, CO Tripoli Colorado, Spring Fling 2019 8.6lbs on the pad MissileWorks RRC3 and T3 [View]

Blue Angels DX3 Rocket on AeroTech J570W to 5,096' AGL (2018-04-24)
8.75 lbs of rocket, 28 Gs of acceleration AeroTech 38/1080 RMS J570W Class 2 Iowa farm flight under FAA CoA / NOTAM All credit to Aaron Tippin! [View]

Blue Angels DX3 Rocket, AeroTech J575FJ to 3,934' AGL (2019-05-06)
3,934' AGL 397 mph 22Gs of acceleration Northern Colorado Rocketry Club Pawnee National Grasslands [View]

Blue Angels Super DX3 Rocket, AeroTech I435T to 2,729' AGL (2018-04-08)
NCR 4-7-18 Launch @ Pawnee NG Dual Deploy, Main at 700' 2,729' AGL, 317 mph drogue descent 49fps, main 23 fps Missile Works RRC3 18" and 60" Spherachutes OBH Kevlar All credit to Ned LeDoux for ... [View]

Estes Star Orbiter (Dual Deploy) - G25W to 2,180' (2019-12-23)
CRASH launch at Bear Creek Lake Park RRC3 Altimeter Simple GPS tracker Fins replaced with birch ply All air frame tubes lined with coupler stock [View]

Estes Star Orbiter DD on CTI G126 to 2,346' AGL (2018-02-18)
C.R.A.S.H. NAR 482 launch @ Bear Creek Lake Park [View]

Estes Star Orbiter DD to 2,590’ on AeroTech 29/120 G25W Moonburner (2018-12-03)
Fun motor! 4.5 second burn. Regarding clouds, the closest METARS showed "Clouds: broken clouds at 4000 feet AGL, broken clouds at 6000 feet AGL" [View]

Iowa Rocket Launches, AeroTech I327 DM & J570W (2017-12-31)
Scratch built Moo Cow & Fat Boy upscale rockets [View]

Level 2 Tripoli HPR Certification Flight, AeroTech J350W to 3,284' AGL (2017-12-03)
J350 L2 cert flight to 3284' and an extra credit launch on a J357 to 7,884' AGL Mad Cow 4" Super DX3 MAC Scorpion XL Spherachutes parachutes Missile Works electronics (RRC3 + T3) Sticker ... [View]

MAC Performance Rocketry 3" Black Fly - AeroTech I327DM and Loki I405W (2019-07-12)
I327DM flown as HED dual deploy, main in NC, with a MissileWorks RRC3 &T3 GPS I405W flown as motor eject with JLCR, Altimeter3, and M/W T3 [View]

MAC Performance Rocketry 4" Black Fly - AeroTech K695R (2018-07-30)
Dual MissileWorks RRC3 altimeters reporting 10,619' and 10,624' Tripoli Colorado Hartsel, CO [View]

MAC Performance Rocketry 4-Inch Black Fly (2018-07-07)
HED with redundant Missile Works RRC3 altimeters reporting 6,921' and 6,930'. Missile Works T3 GPS tracker. [View]

MAC Performance Rocketry 4-Inch Black Fly (2018-10-06)
Dual MissileWorks RRC3 altimeters reporting 12,828' 1,000 mph 12.1lbs on the pad 18 and 72" Spherachutes [View]

TRA Level 1 Certification Flight, Blue Angels Super DX3 on CTI I345 to 1,733' AGL (2017-09-17)
SCORE Chili Blaster 8 Hudson Ranch Pueblo, CO 4" cardboard Super DX3 7.1lbs w/ motor 60" Spherachute at apogee (via RRC3) On board video from 808 Matecam [View]

Tripoli Level 3 Certification Flight - MAC Performance Rocketry 6" Black Fly on an AeroTech M1297W (2019-05-05)
36lbs on the pad, 7.5' tall 10,315' AGL, 600 mph AeroTech RMS 75/5120 M1297W NCR Club Launch @ Pawnee NG May the Fourth 2019 [View]

Wildman "Mach 2" Rocket - AeroTech K375NW to 21,934’ (2019-08-04)
40Gs of acceleration 21,934' AGL 1255 mph (Mach 1.7) 42" and 13" Ultralight Spherachutes ( MissileWorks T3 GPS and RRC3 Northern Colorado Rocketry, Pawnee National Grasslands [View]

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