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Flirtin with Disater onboard vid (2012-03-30)

My 4" Darkstar DD on a Aerotech K1275R.Two Entacore altimeters ,main chute deployed at 600' and backup at 550' Altimeter 1 data: speed 575mph,alt. 7009 Altimeter 2 data: speed 576mph,alt. 6965 Tribute to Molly Hatchet.....Flirtin' with Disaster

Flirtin' with Disaster rocket over a mile high! (2012-11-24)

4" Darkstar kit from wildmanrocketry,com flown on a Aerotech K1275R motor.Named for one of my fav bands Molly Hatchet.

Gorila M at TTRA 12-17-12 (2011-12-26)

Gorilla M at TTRA 12-17-12

Great White in Alamogordo,NM (2012-04-04)

Two flights of my Great White in Alamogordo ,NM First is Aerotech I-161W Second is I-218R

Launch of Leading Edge Rocketry's kit of the Great White on I161W (2011-12-11)

Launch of Leading Edge Rocketry's kit of the Great White on I161W with the NEFAR rocketry club on 12-10-11

LVL 1 certification.wmv (2011-12-26)

My LVL1 attempts at Red Glare IX.Full video available from rocketsmagazine [dot] com

LVL 2 certification & other launches.wmv (2014-01-17)

Four of my launches at Fort Indian Town Gap ,Pennsylvania last being LVL 2 cert. flight with Marvin's Wild Ride LOC Precision kit on J350.

My Blue Phenix Speed Record J500G (2011-12-26)

New personal speed record 649 mph or .84 mach,flight was with Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association on 12-17-12

Oracle model rocket (2011-07-31)

Video of Oracle model rocket launch from nose cam

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