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4 in Nike Smoke K940 Keychain Cam (2011-07-02)

I bought a $5 keychain camera and Gorilla-Taped it to the side of my 4" Madcow Fiberglass Nike Smoke for what turned out to be a pretty good video! I cut the delay about 3-5 seconds too short so the 'chute pops early and then the shock cord wraps around the camera's lens all the way to the ground. Nice. Better luck next time. Oh and sorry about the date. I don't think there's a way to turn that off.

Arreaux on CTI H123 Skidmark (Pro29 4 grain casing) (2011-10-09)

This is one of the first rocket vids I've seen with my Flip MinoHD camcorder and El Bee did a fine job! This is my Aerotech Arreaux on a Cesaroni H123 Skikmark motors. Scandalous combination I know!

Composite reinforcement fin layup time lapse (~50x) (2011-09-24)

Der Red Mix - fin layup time lapse, combination of carbon fiber and CF/Kevlar hybrid fabric + Aeropoxy laminating resin. Track = Massive Attack, Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)... buy Heligoland immediately!

Der Red Mix FAIL - Flip MinoHD survives high-power rocket crash to tell the tale (2011-09-22)

I flew this scratch-built, high-power, cluster rocket for the first time on 8/14/10. This was supposed to ground start a Cesaroni K500 Red, wait 1 second, then air-start 2xI345 White Thunder motors. I made three mistakes in the setup which resulted in the air-starts not firing and neither altimeter ejecting the main parachute at apogee. The motor ejection kicks ~75 feet above the ground saving all but the main airframe/fins. I'm a lucky dude. Props to Flip for making such a rugged camera with great HD image quality! The music in the second half is Gypsy by Steve Angello.

Der Red Mix mark II - L730 on the ground, 2 x I345 air-starts (2011-08-31)

I redeemed myself with Der Red Mix mark II on 12/4/10 at Plaster City flying an L730 on the ground then 2 x I345 in the air one second after the ground L burned out. Great success!! I would add that my scratch-built design rotated only once during the 5550 ascent so those fins are on straight!

DRM II L730 and 2 x I345 Unabridged (2011-08-31)
L610 Build Lucerne HD (2011-07-13)

Same as the other file but HD!

Plaster City June '11 - Raven - CTI I180Skid then H400 Vmax (2011-07-02)

I flew my new Super Raven from Polecat Aerospace on two cool Cesaroni Motors last weekend. The date/time is worthless except for relative time from the counter in the lower right.

Plaster City March '11 video (2011-08-19)

Plaster City featured beautiful, windless conditions once again this month. Here's my best effort to condense my two flights into just a few minutes.

Viciously Mean Machine J360 Skidmark prep and flight (2011-10-09)

As my payload section had warped to an unusable state I flew my Viciously Mean Machine with a much shorter payload section leveraged from another vehicle. Thus this flight on a Cesaroni J360 occurred on v0.75 of this rocket. Did I mention that Skidmark motors are mah favorite? Just checkin'. The house track is "Rare Tap (2000 And One Cut) by Sandy Huner" available on beatport dot com. (2011-09-22)

My Viciously Mean Machine 0.75 prepped and flown with a CTI J 1520 Vmax. The up part was amazing but there appeared to be no ejection and I never found the rocket or crash site. Sad.

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