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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Goblin {Kit} (7237) [2015-]

Goblin M1350 (2010-06-14)
My 7.5" upscale Estes Goblin on an Animal Motor Works M1350. [View]
Upscale rocket's The Goblin drag racing Der Red Max (2012-12-01)
Drag race between two Estes classic's upscaled to 4" diameter. Der Red Max flying on a Aerotech I-285 Redline against the Goblin with a CTI J-250 Skidmark. The Redline was slow to light but both ... [View]
3" Goblin Rocket on an Aerotech H123 (2010-10-12)
My 3" Goblin Rocket on an Aerotech H123 soared to 1961 feet with a down facing camera. You'll see the parachute come around the rocket and get hung up on the back of the motor and burn a hole in it. [View]
Keycam Goblin M1350.AVI (2010-06-14)
I taped a key fob video camera to the black band just above the fins of my upscale Goblin. Then I launched it on an Animal Motor Works M1350 :-) It barely stayed on but this is the result. [View]
The Goblin on a K375 dual thrust (2011-07-06)
My Goblin on a boost-sustain Aerotech K375. This White Lightning motor has a grain of Warp 9 at the nozzle end. The thrust for the first 1/2 second is 300 lb., dropping to about 80 lb. for the rest ... [View]
Epic II, Olympus and other Estes Rocket Launches (2019-12-28)
Shows launches of the following Estes rockets: Olympus, Baby Bertha, Goblin, Wizard, Nike-X, Hi-Flier, Citation Patriot and Epic II. [View]
Estes Goblin (2020-07-08)
Maiden Flight on D12-5 [View]
Estes Goblin - Maiden Flight (2019-12-29)
My first flight of a model rocket built from an Estes Goblin kit. The package says "up to 1400 feet" and the results are consistent. The Launch Control Officer required a tilt in my launch rod, ... [View]
Estes Rocket Launches: Hi-Flier, Citation Patriot and Goblin (2019-12-23)
Estes Rocket Launches: Hi-Flier, Citation Patriot and Goblin [View]
Goblin L952 (2010-09-08)
Flight of my Goblin on an Aerotech L952. Perfect landing near the H-J pads on the right side of the range. [View]